Happy 2018!

We celebrated New Year’s eve twice last night. We consider the real one to be when New York’s ball drops since we’re from New York. And, let’s face it, Seattle’s fireworks are just pathetic but we watch it every year just to make fun of it. How can we not? It’s the same reason one of the first camping trips we took was to Cape Disappointment. How could we not see what the disappointment was? Spoiler alert: it’s not disappointing at all.

Last night I tried to get Lion aroused. He did get hard but I couldn’t quite get him to the edge. I don’t think there’s a problem unless he’s waiting for today’s festivities to really shine. I have no doubt that being in the sling will help immensely. I don’t think it matters what else I do to him. As long as he’s tied up he’ll be ready to roll.

I’m definitely going to peg him. The rest will happen as it happens. I have an arsenal of things I could do to him. I’ll pick something when the time comes. And speaking of when the time comes, Lion will get to come for the first time in 2018. He’ll exit the sling with a big smile on his face.

As I stated in a previous post, my New Year’s non-resolution (I don’t do resolutions) is that Lion get more oral orgasms than hand jobs. I think he supports that whole-heartedly. The other non-resolution is that Lion will be in his cage when I say he’ll be in his cage and out when I say he’ll be out. I know this may not seem like news but so far I’ve been fairly democratic about when he’s locked up. I consult him. Last week I told him he can plead his case about why he should or should be locked up but I will make the final decision.

So far, he’s been wild a few days. Before we went to bed the other night I informed him that I hadn’t forgotten to lock him up. I was leaving him wild. After his orgasm today he’ll be caged again. Next Saturday night he’ll be unlocked (of course, he’ll be unlocked and edged between now and then) and remain wild until he gets home from his business trip. I know he has the plastic cage. I know he can probably make it through security with either cage on. I also know that he’ll be on a plane for 5+ hours and I don’t want my balls and weenie getting pinched. I’ll be joining him on the trip and I’d like my merchandise unbruised.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to do some chores before I can play with my Lion.

What do you think?