The Comedian

I didn’t unlock Lion last night. I just didn’t. There was no thought to it. I wasn’t tired. I wasn’t achy. Lion wasn’t itchy. I just decided to have a night off. A little while before bedtime, Lion said I hadn’t touched him sexually at all. We’d snuggled but nothing more. He wondered why. Again, no special reason.

By bedtime, Lion was doing his comical grumbling. “Buh, buh, buh, horny.” He said his arm hurt for some reason. I asked if he’d lifted anything or strained it somehow. He said it hurt due to lack of sex. I agreed that definitely must have been it. Such a comedian! He blames all sorts of things on lack of sex. The TV show he wanted to watch didn’t record – lack of sex. He’s hungry despite eating a lot at dinner and having a snack later – lack of sex. The dog needs to go out for a third time – lack of sex. I had no idea so much was tied to Lion’s sex life. Or rather lack-of-sex life.

I promised him yesterday that we’d find time today for the sling. The dog woke us up way too early and then she went back to sleep. We lounged around watching old movies and after we both write our posts, we’ll watch a football game. Either right before or right after dinner we’ll head downstairs to the dungeon for some play. Today is Lion’s third day in captivity. He hasn’t been out of the house since Thursday night. I think he deserves some bondage and whatever else I can think of while he’s in the sling.

Tomorrow we’ll have a nice quiet dinner by ourselves. I didn’t give my friend any opening to invite herself over this time. We’re having Thanksgiving part 2. Turkey dinner with all the fixings. Yum!


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    Have a happy Christmas. Love from England

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