We didn’t have sling time last night. Lion was just one day removed from an orgasm so he wasn’t really in the mood. We were both achy. We just watched TV. Actually, aside from not snuggling, it was a perfect night for me. Lion likes more excitement.

Depending on how we feel later we might just have sling night tonight. It’s not written in stone any more than punishment night is written in stone. I only decided Wednesday was sling night to keep it in the forefront of my mind. It “forces” me to think about it. I’m easily distracted and forget things all the time. I can even promise Lion something during the day and by the time I make it home I’ve forgotten all about it.

For a long time Lion couldn’t get into the sling. Well, he might have been able to get in but definitely couldn’t get out. We had to wait until his shoulder was better. Even now he has to think about how he’ll move to get out so he doesn’t put too much strain on it. I guess he’s decided it’s worth the trouble so he gets sling time.

Things are a little easier for me when he’s in the sling. I have pretty much unrestricted access to all Lion’s fun parts. There’s less strain on me unless I’m bending over to suck him. I can spank him, peg him, play with his cock and balls, pinch his boobies, and all sorts of things. He can’t do a thing about it because his hands and feet are restrained. Poor Lion. He loves it!