We Are At The Next Level

that look
That’s the look. When I see that, I will be spanked.

Sorry for being late today. Yesterday, I was very tired and hurting from a long physical therapy session. As Mrs. Lion wrote yesterday in her post, I wrote her that I forgot punishment day on Thursday. I spent a very long time debating with myself about whether I should remind Mrs. Lion that I forgot. There was no little tingle about being spanked if I told her. My shoulder hurt and I had other things to worry about.

Finally, I realized that it didn’t matter how I was feeling. I have to remind Mrs. Lion of any infractions that I commit. So I did. She wrote her post and I read that she would be spanking me. True to her word, last night after we had digested our dinner, she got a  paddle and told me it was time to be spanked. I obediently rolled over. I couldn’t find a position for my arm that didn’t hurt.

Mrs. Lion offered to stop if my shoulder hurt too much. I didn’t want to do that. The pain wasn’t that bad. So she proceeded with her spanking. She managed to make my butt burn before she stopped. She realized that my shoulder was hurting more than my bottom. That changed when I rolled over on my back. The shoulder pain receded and the butt burn took center stage. I’ve hurt more, but I was definitely feeling my spanking.

I’m angry with myself for missing my reminder of punishment day. After all this time, I should remember. Last night put that day back on my internal calendar.

I’m happy that Mrs. Lion is so strongly committed to our power exchange. Last night was a case when Lioness 1.0 would have given me a pass; not this lioness. Is she finally 2.0? Only she can say. It’s funny, our power exchange evolves so slowly that sometimes we recognize change long after it takes place. There is no dramatic ta-da moment. It’s just a slow series of changes that when combined, demonstrate that we’ve moved to the next level.

Both Mrs. Lion and I assumed that the arrival of 2.0 would be signaled by more severe punishments for infractions. 2.0 would also notice every offense and punish me for them. In my mind, at least, the more intense punishments would be the sign she was here. However, I think we’ve evolved by Mrs. Lion observing and punishing all infractions.

She’s been doing that. Nothing is overlooked. It’s true that the level of spanking and punishment desserts haven’t been raised yet. But, more importantly, in my opinion, consistency has improved substantially. That is a major milestone for Mrs. Lion. Severity, without consistency, isn’t as effective. Increasing severity is certainly something I expect will come too.

Our FLR is evolving. I better watch my step.