As you read yesterday, we had a pegging session on Friday night. The smooth “Silk” dildo actually felt good during most of the time it was up my ass. I’m much more comfortable when Mrs. Lion moves it in and out. We were going to have another session last night with Mrs. Lion trying the RodeoH! strap on panties. That didn’t happen. We ran errands and Mrs. Lion defrosted one of our freezers. She was wiped out after that. So, no pegging.

She pointed out in her post yesterday, that we tend to go on again, off again with anal play. I think that one big reason we only do this in bursts is that it takes prep and extra time to do it. Most nights, Mrs. Lion just doesn’t have the energy to do anything that requires a toy. Weekends are often unavailable because she is tired and achy and just wants to user her computer or iPad.

I’m also pretty sure that inertia is the biggest issue. She (and we) tend to be critters of habit. Of course, it’s less about me in this case. I just have to accept an anal  visitor. Mrs. Lion has to get the lube and the toy. Then it is her energy that pegs me. I just have to be there. The reason inertia is such a big issue is that there is no sexual pleasure in anything we do for Mrs. Lion. She does it because I want/need it. So, there is no direct, personal incentive. That’s the single biggest reason we have any problems at all.

It’s not fair for me to claim that what we have to do is give her more orgasms and that will cure everything. I do think she should have more. I think that for her, orgasms are no different than pegging me. They’re extra energy to expend. It’s hard for me to understand, but it’s the truth.

I would like pegging, or at least anal penetration two or three times a week. I want to learn to more easily accept our dildos and maybe eventually, Mrs. Lion’s hand. Why? I have no idea. It’s a challenge we set ourselves years ago. I like consistency. Regular anal play will keep my anus relaxed and perhaps allow me to accept more. Maybe I can learn to enjoy penetration.


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    “I want to learn to more easily accept our dildos. Why? I don’t know.” Let me think. Could it be you harbor homosexual feelings that you are too embarrassed to admit? Is anal penetration a way to fulfill those desires without feeling guilty? After all its a woman on the other end. Now I’m not saying you’r3 gay, but wanting to be anally penetrated does suggest some possibilities


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      LOL “you’re too embarrassed to admit it.” You found me out. I’m too embarrassed since I write a secret blog only you can read.

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