woman ordering food for a man
Mrs. Lion ordered food for me the first time, yesterday. I expect that to be our normal custom.

Yesterday was something of a landmark. Mrs. Lion asserted herself in significant ways. It started at lunchtime. We visited a restaurant that makes very good clam chowder. Mrs. Lion asked me what I wanted. I told her the soup and salad so that I could have a bowl of clam chowder. When the waiter came to our table, Mrs. Lion ordered for both of us. That has never happened before.

While we were strolling down the main street, we passed a store that had racks of shirts on the sidewalk. She pointed to a particularly obnoxious Hawaiian shirt and told me that perhaps we should buy it and that she would make me wear it. We didn’t, but the threat was a first.

Later, we were browsing in a kite shop. She was admiring a beautiful, large kite. I agreed it was great and said that it was a lot of money (about $200). She said, “If I want it, you’ll buy it.”

At that same lunch, I ate first. Mrs. Lion noted it with a wry look. I asked what was that for. She told me I ate first. Oops. Are you sensing a pattern? Later, last night she opened a package of nasty, plastic clothespins we found when we were out. She put a few on my balls. They really hurt. I was innocently in my recliner watching TV.

She then asked me if I would rather take another one on my already-painful balls or get spanked. I thought about it for a bit while feeling the clothespins digging in. I  decided another clothespin wouldn’t be as bad as a spanking. I announced my decision and another painful addition was made to my sore sack.

The clothespins remained in place for a long time; at least it felt that way. Then Mrs. Lion removed them all. Now if you know about clothespins, you know they hurt as much coming off as they do going on. Boy howdy, did these hurt coming off.

Lots of new things happened. I’m very sure a spanking is in my future tomorrow. I got chocolate on my t-shirt last night. While Mrs. Lion didn’t cite me, she saw it. I figure she didn’t think my poor old heart could take any more.

You never know how things will feel until they happen. I was most profoundly shaken when Mrs. Lion ordered for me at lunch. We went out to dinner and she let me order for myself. When I asked why, she said that the order was too complicated, so she let me order my own dinner.

That lunchtime food order was totally unexpected. I think it is my first dose of public domination. It will take me time to get used to this change. It certainly affected me. I will have to remember to let her conduct business with the servers and keep my mouth shut. I hope I can. I know the consequence for failing.