The Lions at the Zoo

yawning lion
Lion loved the performance, but was ready to go home too. We were both tired. {Photo courtesy of the Dublin Zoo}

We went to the zoo yesterday. Actually we went to a concert at the zoo. Our initial plans were to go early and visit with the animals before the concert, but that didn’t quite work out. I’ve wanted to go to the zoo for a while. We decided we should go back when we have more time to walk around.

When we got home we were tired and a little achy from sitting on the ground. Lion was sleeping when I came out of the shower. He said he didn’t know why he just fell asleep like that. I was falling asleep at work the other day. I understand when your body just insists on sleep.

Tomorrow the Rodeoh undies should arrive. It’s been a while since I’ve pegged Lion. I think we have a long way to go before we get to the undies. As he said, we have the double dildo. We never seemed to get the right angle. We even have a harness we can put a dildo in. Again, wrong angle. We’ll have to get more creative to make the Rodeoh work. First I have to get Lion ready for it. We can start this weekend. The only problem with that is he’s heading out Monday for a week-long business trip. Oh well. We can still start.

Lion has been wild for a few weeks now. His allergies we making him itchy everywhere and he had the MRI. Now he was the long flight to the east coast. I’m leaving him wild for his trip. I know we have the TSA-friendly cage now, but I want to leave him wild. It’ll be hot and sticky. The last thing he needs is for the newer cage to get smelly from sweat and humidity. I know I can trust him.