I went to work for a few hours today. Lion was on his own. I came home and things seemed fine. Then he said he moved this and took care of that. There was a food container in the garbage. It seems Lion wants to be back to normal faster than he can be. Do I need to stay home to baby sit him? Sheesh!

I know he didn’t do too much. He’s keeping the pain at bay enough to be comfortable, but not enough to hurt himself. He only moved the Alexa/Echo thing and got on his computer to order something. I’m just teasing him, although I wouldn’t mind staying home with him. I just think he’s starting to go stir crazy.

I think if we lived within the city limits, he’d be walking to the park or getting a cup of coffee. Anything to keep himself busy and get out of the house. Instead we try to manufacture reasons to go out. He’s still pretty tired so a long outing to go shopping won’t work. Maybe this afternoon we’ll just go for a ride somewhere. We can always stop for ice cream or coffee along the way.

Tonight we can snuggle, pain willing, and see where that leads. I’m perfectly willing to give him another orgasm to blow out the pipes. We have to get that old antibiotic and anesthesia laced semen out. Anything I can do to help.

Meanwhile, if Lion is going to rush to get better, maybe his rules should be reinstated soon. If you’re well enough to do certain things, then you’re well enough to follow the rules. Actually, I think Lion will be back to the rules before I even mention it. He wanted to wear his training collar when we went out to the store on Saturday. I told him it wasn’t necessary.

All this means is that Lion is on the mend. I knew he wouldn’t be down for long.