I looked up my predictions for Lion’s recovery. I thought at the one week mark he’d be answering emails and taking phone calls. Not quite. I thought he wouldn’t feel so helpless once the sling came off. Nope. The sling is still on and he doesn’t feel so helpless. And I thought it would take till the four to six week mark for him to feel frisky. No way!

It’s a little difficult to snuggle since there’s so much in the middle of the bed. Lion sleeps on the right side and since his right shoulder is out of commission, everything has to be accessible from his left side. In the middle of the bed. All the remotes, the tissues, cough drops, iPad, everything. When I want to snuggle, I have to move a storage container full of stuff out of the way. Good thing Lion is the prize on the other side or it wouldn’t be worth it.

So last night, I backed the U-Haul up and moved the barricade. Once we got started he was hard in very little time. And then he was ready to go. It crossed my mind to just edge him and get started with enforced chastity right away. He won’t be in his cage for a while still, but the cage isn’t necessary to keep him from having an orgasm. Then I thought, since he’s been in so much pain lately, I could be nice to him and give him an orgasm. So I did. It wasn’t the most spectacular orgasm. I’d only edged him two or three times. I hadn’t swatted his balls or really pinched his nipples. He wasn’t sufficiently primed. He didn’t even produce any semen. But it still felt good and that’s all that counts.

Afterward, he made a comment that the semen wouldn’t have been good to eat anyway since it would have antibiotics, anesthesia and pain meds in it. If that’s the case, perhaps he needs an orgasm a day to clean the pipes out. That was my idea, not his. I’m not sure he’s up for that right now anyway. Actually, he wasn’t up for it months ago when I suggested an orgasm a day. No problem. He’ll have as many as I want to give him. Maybe a few more before we go back to any sort of waiting. It all depends on how his recuperation goes.

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    I and many of your readers are happy that the Lion came out of his surgery okay. When I had my hip surgery my roommate at the rehab facility said “Just keep in mind that in a few months you will be doing great and this surgery will be a distant memory”. He was right.I am sure the Lion will feel the same way in a few months.

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