Same Game, Different Rules

Mrs. Lion came across an interesting video on Facebook.  It was about a new device that looks a little bit like a Fitbit. It’s a black wristwatch shaped device with what appears to be colored symbols scattered across the face. Apparently, this little gadget has the capability of enforcing hundreds of rules, presumably programmed deep in its bowels. The idea is that when a rule is broken, the wearer will receive a small electric shock on his wrist.

Sound familiar? Imagine that, a gadget that will punish its wearer when someone else decides correction is needed. I’ve been wearing something like that strapped to my balls for well over a year. The big difference is that the Fitbit version apparently contains a preprogrammed library of naughty things. My remote correction device allows my lioness to use her cell phone to correct me for any behavior she decides she doesn’t like.

It’s unclear why someone would wear the Fitbit device. Apparently it doesn’t lock on but there were some motivation to wear it. Presumably it’s rule set provides corrections for things the wearer wants to receive punishment for. The device is part of a cooperative effort between the wearer and its electronics.

Our example is far more complex. In my case, wearing it is not voluntary. If I forget to put it on when we are ready to go out, I will be spanked quite severely to remind me not to make that mistake again. I admit that I find the idea of wearing it exciting. It’s arousing in the same way that wearing a chastity device feels. It’s a surrender of control that has real consequences that extend far outside the boundaries of BDSM.

Since I’ve had some extra time to browse the web, I had a chance to explore other kinky sites; some that I never read before. The most popular sites appear to be the ones that are about spanking. I suppose this very primal form of power exchange is easiest to consume both as the spanker and recipient. Spanking, in one role or the other, is one of the most prevalent sexual fantasies. It’s very hot to read about spanking experiences. As I’ve painfully learned, the reality isn’t nearly as interesting sexually. It doesn’t take more than a few swats before any erection has turned into a shriveled little mass of flesh shrinking from the next  swat it knows is coming.

But  still, the memories of hundreds of scream-provoking spankings can’t keep my penis soft when I read those hot spanking posts.  It shouldn’t be surprising that I like  the idea  of strapping on the painful remote-control, shock collar. I know full well that the touch of Mrs. Lion’s  finger will hurt enough to make me yelp.

I’m not displaying any great desire to improve myself through the use of external stimulus.  While it’s true that I want to learn better obedience, motivation to wear that nasty little remote control device doesn’t emanate from that little glow of goodness. Just as with spanking and enforced chastity, there is a heavy dose of sexual heat driving my compliance. Like most guys who are into this sort of thing, it’s a turn on to imagine that my partner wants to take advantage of this sexual motivation to enhance her control.

That’s rarely, if ever, the case. Too bad! It’s very rare to find a partner who actually needs the level of control people like me seek. As I read these spanking stories, it occurs to me that there is nothing wrong with different but complementary motives driving  a power exchange.

On my side, it’s the strong psychosexual motivators that got me into this mess in the beginning. That doesn’t mean other, more important motives have entered the picture. But it does mean that the very primal needs that drove my original explorations are still present and available for exploitation.

From the controlling partners perspective, since there really isn’t any strong motive to enhance control perhaps a more recreational motive can be inserted. In our case, there are very real needs and desires we both share that drive most of our day-to-day activities. Mrs. Lion  gets real satisfaction watching my behavior improve as a direct result of her control over me.

So, if it’s working, what motive would she have to find ways to become even more effective. If I am meeting her goals and she is happy with her methods of punishment and reward, why mess with a good thing. Of course, she knows that I do like that sexual twinge again when she does  something new.  Mrs. Lion likes games. She enjoys perfecting her play. What if she thought about increasing her control as part of a real life game? She has a toolkit completely under control-my deep sexual need for this sort of activity.

I wonder what sort of games she could invent if she turned her mind in this perverted direction?


  1. Author

    Ah this post shows me that the old lion is returning. May you continue to heal quickly and fully! All the best!

    1. Author

      Thanks. I am starting to feel better. It’s a very slow and frustrating process.

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