I don’t know if Lion was particularly horny last night. I didn’t ask. I know he’s been missing intimacy and play, so I made sure we snuggled. And as we snuggled I tested the waters. He didn’t really show any signs of getting hard. But I decided I could give my balls a few swats to see what happened. Eureka!

Once I knew I was onto something, I decided maybe a visit from the Magic Wand would help the cause. I knew Lion wasn’t in much pain. The Tylenol was keeping the pain at bay for the moment. Lion loves the Magic Wand so he wasn’t complaining. Well, he did complain a little because I was still swatting my balls on and off. I’d get him a little ways along with the vibrator and then swat him. A little more vibrator. A few more swats.

I haven’t really been making him wait in the true sense of the word. It’s not like I tease him and he’s just chomping at the bit to come. He’s been fairly non-horny since the pain is usually on his mind more than sex. By default, his waits are somewhere around a week or so. I could probably have made him wait longer, but what would be the real purpose of that? If I’ve got him all riled up, I might as well take him all the way. It’s not like it’s happening every night. He’s not getting away with anything. At this point, anything I can do to make him feel better, I will do.

The orgasm certainly didn’t make him sleep any better. I’d like to think that for a few minutes, the rest of the world just faded away.