There’s not much going on around here. I put Lion on an airplane this morning. Well, I didn’t actually put him on the plane. I dropped him at the curb at the airport and went to work. As I write this he’s probably somewhere over Colorado. By the time you read it, he’ll have landed.

I think this time away from each other tends to make us sit back and contemplate things more. We can’t actually do anything when we’re on opposite ends of the country, but maybe we think about things we’re missing or not doing quite the way we want to do them. Some things are easier broached from a distance. I think that’s why the blog works so well for us.

If it weren’t for the blog, I don’t think we’d be where we are today. Sure, I agreed to lock him up in a chastity device, but it wasn’t until I read the blog that I realized how unhappy he was with our sex life. He didn’t feel comfortable talking to me about it. He didn’t want me to feel bad. I can’t say I didn’t feel bad, but it got us talking. And sometimes things are easier to digest when you read them.

When you’re not sitting face to face with someone who’s expecting an immediate response, you can mull things over a bit. Your first reaction may be that you could never do what is being suggested. Maybe it shocks you or turns you off. But maybe you reread it and think about it. Is it really that bad? Was your gut reaction fair? What happens if you try it? It’s not set in stone. It may turn out to be something you like.

As odd as it sounds for me to say it, given my distaste for change, I think you just have to give things a try. Rather than making my kids eat all the lima beans on their plates, I’d just ask them to try them. They couldn’t tell me they hated it without trying it. If they couldn’t stomach the lima beans, then they could say they didn’t like them.

Another example is sushi. I think it looks beautiful. I just don’t want to eat raw fish. I did try it once and did not like it. But was it just that particular type of sushi I didn’t like? There are so many different kinds, there’s bound to be something I can eat. Well, there is. I am at Lion’s mercy to point out what things are, but I can eat some sushi. You don’t know till you try.