Nippy NIght

Lion had a very eventful day yesterday. I put him in the sling and proceeded to give him some anal attention. It’s been a while so I took it slow. Just my fingers at first, and then I used a small butt plug. While the butt plug was in I started jerking him off. Not all the way, of course. Just enough to tease him. When I was done with the butt plug, I started spanking him.

Let me just say, it’s been a long time since he’s had a play spanking. I started with my hands. I stopped periodically to keep Mr. Weenie interested. By the time I got his cheeks rosy, I was stopping not only to keep Mr. Weenie interested, but also to give my hands a rest. They were stinging too. I also used a light wooden spoon, but I wanted to use my hands mostly so I could gauge how far I was going. Between the butt plug, spanking and edging, I’d say Lion had a pretty good time. I locked him up and that was that. Or so I thought.

About an hour before we went to bed, Lion said I needed to start conditioning him to do things. He’d read a blog earlier that outlined how to get your husband to make it a habit to do the dishes. He said I should use that technique on him for whatever I wanted. But now, just as bedtime rolled around, he was on it again. And on and on it. I should have realized his sleeping pill was kicking in, but it wasn’t until I saw him swaying in the bathroom that I realized it. Then when I went to brush my teeth, he pinched my nipples. I told him he better watch himself or he’d get punished. He was undeterred.

The only other time he pinched my nipple was as he was falling asleep a very long time ago. He never pays much attention to my breasts at all. I guess the sleeping pills were working their magic because he kept telling me he loved my breasts and didn’t usually touch them because I intimidate him. Yeah, OK. Then he decided I needed an orgasm. So at 11-something at night, he’s working on an orgasm for me. And falls asleep. When he woke up five minutes later he insisted he hadn’t been sleeping and went right back to work. He did manage to give me a few orgasms and then I had to convince him I was done.

I figured he’d fall asleep, but he rolled to his side of the bed and started whimpering that he wanted an orgasm. I reminded him that he’d had his fun in the afternoon. He kept whining. Finally I unlocked him and played with him for a bit. It was obvious he wasn’t going to get hard. I assumed that from the beginning. It just took a while for it to sink into Lion’s sleeping pill-laden mind. I locked him back up and he was ready for sleep.

I have no idea if he remembers any of this. I’ve heard of sleep walking and sleep driving. I wonder if there’s ever been a documented case of sleep sex.