My Mind

Lion hasn’t been feeling well. Today he’s back to work but he’s still tired. Last night he took a nap while watching TV. He needed to rest up to be edged, I guess. One way I can tell he’s feeling better is that he’ll announce he’s horny.

It did take a little doing to get Lion to the edge. He got excited, but then he wasn’t. And then he was. When I started grabbing his balls, he finally got there. It was very close. All three times were very close. As a matter of fact, I thought I went too far the last time. I think Lion did too. When I left him hanging, he complained he was all drippy and still horny. Now, this sort of complaining isn’t bad. If anything, it’s funny. I can’t really get mad at him for it.

Just before bed, I told Lion he could pee one last time standing up and then he had to put the ring on. If he feels better, there’s no need to be a wild Lion anymore. He says he likes being wild. Oh well. A few months ago I was perfectly happy to leave him wild. It’s his fault that he made a good point about remaining caged. I’m just doing what he wants. I’m innocent in the whole matter. (Let me adjust my halo.) Lion always rolls his eyes at me when I say things like that.

While it did all start because he wanted it, enforced chastity and even FLR has taken on a life of their own. Enforced chastity has helped so much we dare not abandon the cage. Things wouldn’t immediately go back to the way they were, but I could see them eventually creeping back to the bad old days. I don’t think we’ve progressed that far in FLR, but I don’t think Lion wants it to end. I can still go either way with it. Being in charge is still not a strong desire of mine. But we haven’t given it all that long. We need to keep with it to see if it really works for us.

It occurred to me last night that Lion hasn’t asked when his next orgasm will be. I know we talked about not setting a date, or at least his not knowing what that date is, but I realized that I have no idea when the date is either. It’s in my calendar on my trusty iPad but I haven’t looked. I also realized that I don’t really want to look. I think there’s something psychological about knowing the date. By that I mean that if I know the date, it will be out there taunting me. I don’t think I’ll want to wait that long. I’ll be tempted to give Lion an orgasm beforehand. However, if I don’t know what the date is then, for all I know, I’ve already passed it. I can relax and just give Lion an orgasm any time I want. That’s how my mind works.

I never claimed to be sane.