Hello Out There

I am cautiously optimistic that I fixed my knee. I was kneeling on the floor last night and when I got up I twisted my knee; it snapped and cracked and hurt like hell, but apparently I popped it back into place. So far, no more sharp pains. I have no idea if it will last and I’m not ruling out any soreness by the end of the day, but it’s happy right now and that’s a big win.

One of my coworkers has two sons. The oldest was always an independent kind of guy. Until he met his wife. She rules with an iron fist. Everything has to be cleared through her. When can the in-laws visit? Where do we eat? When do we eat? What do we eat? The younger son is a whiner. He wants things a certain way and he’ll whine until he gets it. I said it’s too bad the younger son didn’t wind up with the older one’s wife. She would have whipped him into shape very quickly.

Now I have no way of knowing if the wife in that case goes beyond ordering my coworker’s son around. She may very well have some paddles hidden around the house. She may not. His mother was surprised that a normally independent guy would suddenly take orders from someone. Maybe there’s more going on there than his mother realizes. I guess there’s really no way of knowing what goes on in anyone else’s relationships. Very few people will invite you into their bedroom, so to speak. Unlike the sitcom Lion talked about in his post, things are usually left to innuendo and speculation.

If sex is still largely a taboo subject, bedroom games certainly are. You’d have to be very good friends to share that kind of information. But sometimes people unknowingly stumble upon it. Last week, another coworker was upset because her housemate wanted to get a shock collar for one of her dogs who kept barking at him. She was upset. She says shock collars are cruel and inhumane. She said she’d make him wear one to see how it feels. Then she said she’d strap it to his balls for better effect. I tried my best to look surprised that someone would think of such a thing. Inside, I was laughing. She has no idea that Lion wears a similar collar around his balls at times. Of course, I didn’t volunteer that information. There’s no need for her to know what goes on between Lion and I in that respect.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one of my coworkers read the blog and saw themselves represented here. I guess they wouldn’t really be able to say anything without “outing” themselves. I wonder if it would change anything if they did open that dialogue. Would we have a special secret that no one else knew about? Would we look at each other and wonder what other secrets we were keeping from each other? I think it might get a little weird at least. Oh well. Hello to all my coworkers out there!