Zappity Do Da

We were heading out the door this morning for breakfast when Lion saw his new training collar on the kitchen table. He remembered that we agreed he’d wear it when we went out together. He said he guessed he was in for punishment since he hadn’t remembered it the night before when we went out. Um…sure. Yeah. I mean, yes you are! (I’d obviously forgotten the agreement.) He put it on and we tried it a few times to adjust for degree of zap comfort. We settled on six.

When we sat down to breakfast, I had my phone out looking at something and I zapped him out of the blue. He almost shot through the ceiling. Apparently six is fine when he’s standing in the kitchen. Six is not fine when he’s sitting down. I turned it down to one. Unless I’m extremely angry at him, I can’t imagine wanting to zap him at a level six. That seems to me to be reserved for the equivalent of a kid running into the street. You want to make sure that behavior doesn’t happen again. I have no idea what sort of behavior Lion would do to rate a six. Maybe if he actually touched one of those cute butts he’s always looking at. There’s also a vibrate feature that can be used as a sort of “hey, pay attention” function.

We were going to test out how far away he can be to feel it but Costco was too crowded to even think about trying it there. By the time we were off on our other errands, I forgot to test it. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. And we can always play Zapardy! next week sometime. That’s fun. For me, at least.

Last night was the first night I’ve edged Lion in about three days. We were waiting for his weenie/base ring sore to heal. In the meantime, we snuggled a lot. It’s always nice to be close even if we don’t do anything else. Yes, men can be happy “just” snuggling. I know we give them a lot of crap about only thinking about sex, but sometimes they like to snuggle too. And it’s not always just to get sex. I admit, snuggling usually does lead to edging Lion, but it doesn’t always. And let’s face it, if I’m in charge, he has to be happy with what he gets.