More Convenient Shocks

I like adventure. In many ways I am a big cub. I’m curious and constantly interested in trying new things. Very often those new things I want to try end up causing me pain in one way or another. A good example was my curiosity to try a doggy shock collar as a way of providing remote-control corrections.

These collars send a static-electric jolt, generally a couple of pulses per second, when the remote control is pressed. The idea is that an unleashed dog will get a jolt, more surprising than painful, that will remind him to obey. The same principle apples to using one on me. In my case, the device is strapped around my cock and balls, with the receiver/shocker under my balls in contact with my perineum.

The device is invisible under clothing. Unlike most forms of correction, the jolt from the shock collar is unpleasant but has absolutely no after effect. It hurts while the current is on and then there is no “memory” of it on the place it was applied. But, I have a strong memory of it in my mind. If Mrs. Lion makes it strong enough, I will jump and yelp no matter where I am. Less voltage and I react, but not as obviously.

I talked about this a long time ago. We took a training collar and adapted it to fit me. On several occasions I have had to wear it when we go out. So far Mrs. Lion has never used it to correct me. She just gave me a jolt for the fun of seeing me jump. We almost never use it. It has a little remote control, like a tiny TIVO that controls it. Mrs. Lion has to remember to carry it.

There is a new version of the collar that works via Bluetooth on a cell phone app. It the device is strapped on me, all Mrs. Lion has to do is use the app to give me any level of correction she wants. So, I ordered one. Mrs. Lion found it in the mail yesterday and wrote about it.

There is one semi-fatal flaw in both the old and new devices: it requires Mrs. Lion to want to correct me. She is a very forgiving soul and resists retribution more often than not. Over the last few months she has become stricter and more observant of my sins. I’m not sure she has reached the point where she will push the button as soon as she observes a infraction. The shock collar requires that mindset.

She also plays a game with the shock collar; at least she did it a couple of times: Zapardy. I watch Jeopardy on TV and answer questions. Get one right, nothing happens; miss one and I get zapped. She appeared to enjoy that game. Maybe we will play again.

This post is yet another example of me poking the bear, well the lioness. My curiosity drives me to facilitate things like this. My butt, or in this case, my balls end up paying the price.

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    My wife and i have tried the puppy shock collar in and outside of the house. Even while doing yard work. Not sure who enjoyed it more!? She liked the control and i loved the suspense of not knowing when or how high the control shock would be.
    She likes it best when i restrain myself in another room or our backyard shed while she watches TV or reads.
    Our fun game is for her to shock each time a commercial is shown. i can almost tell the time by the shocks. Its one of the best way to spice things up and requires very little on her part – which she likes. We usually use it with a MCD.
    I also bought a cattle prod which she threatens to use if i make too much noise. Very effective!
    i would love to know where to get a cell phone device. imagine being in a meeting at work…. 😉

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