As I wrote my post yesterday, Lion was snoozing. When we were snuggling last night and he said he was horny (evidenced by the almost immediate erection), he was suddenly snoring. I guess the mind and part of the body was willing even if the rest needed sleep. That’s OK. It was nice just to snuggle.

Yesterday was Lion’s “maybe” date. Obviously he was in no shape to have an orgasm. I’m not sure he’ll be rested enough for today. Last night he said it’s been a long wait for him. He says it’s been ten days. I think he’s in a sleep-deprived amnesia. His last orgasm was on the 13th. I know that’s not a long wait by most male chastity standards, and when he was out of work Lion made it much longer than that. His longest wait so far is 21 days. A week is nothing. Unless you’re a horny Lion who’s been away on a business trip and hasn’t felt his Lioness’ touch for a week. What can I say? He’s putty in my hands.

Today is laundry and shopping day. From the feel of things last night, I’d say it’s manscaping day too. We’ll have plenty of time for play later though. I’m not sure Lion will be up for a spanking, but he’ll certainly get teased. Will he get his orgasm? I can’t very well give away all my secrets now, can I? I will say that he will get exactly what he needs, if not what he wants. As you know, the truth is that I don’t usually decide what Lion’s fate will be until the very last second. Sometimes it’s beyond that last second as in the case of a salvaged orgasm.

Whatever happens, I’m sure Lion will be happy. He’s already happy to be home and I’m very glad to have him.