Lion Trap

The classic way to trap a wild lion is to provide irresistible bait, like a nice selection of meat, and then when he starts to munch, drop a net over him. In my life, as well as many other guys, there is at least one lion trap that catches those of us who want to follow a female led relationship. The best example of this is spanking.

When I think about being spanked, my mind drifts to sexy scenes where my pants are pulled down exposing my hard penis. I am put into position and receive a paddling, my hard cock pressing into the spanker’s lap. Fantasies about this sort of thing usually fall into a couple of broad categories. One is the classic mother-in-law story. This one usually starts with the guy meeting his fiance’s mother. At some point he is rude or disrespectful. The mother-in-law-to-be then administers a severe spanking to him in front of her daughter. When it ends, either the mother or daughter informs him that spankings like that are his future.

It’s a hot story. It has all the classic elements: humiliation, pain, and the promise of a lifetime filled with more of the same. There are variations on this theme, but the elements of humiliation and pain are always present. Few, if any, female led relationships are initiated by the wife. Males tend to start this ball rolling. The same is true of enforced chastity. I won’t go into a long discourse on why this happens; I’ve written about that before. One very good reason this happens is that FLR and enforced chastity are consensual activities. When I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me up and become my disciplining wife, I gave he explicit permission to take control and discipline me as she sees fit.

I not only asked her, I helped her learn how to do it. Unlike the fantasies, she wasn’t prepared to just take charge and whomp away with her paddles. She needed to learn what to do and understand the value of doing it. Very few women when asked to be disciplinary wives just smile and instantly adopt domestic discipline. It takes a lot of time and work to accept the role. Just accepting the fact that she is expected to punish her husband is a very large step for many.

After a year and a half of FLR with domestic discipline, we are just beginners. We’re both good at enforced chastity. Both of us are comfortable with Mrs. Lion having sexual control. But domestic discipline isn’t natural yet. We’re both too ready to just “skip” spankings when I break a rule. Mrs. Lion is concerned that I am not “in the mood” to be spanked. She’s right, sometimes I just don’t want it at all. But that’s not what domestic discipline is about. It’s not what I want her to do to me. It’s what I must learn to do if I don’t want a hot, stinging bottom. We still don’t accept that my interest in being punished is completely beside the point. The paddle doesn’t care. Mrs. Lion still has to learn she shouldn’t either.

I was led into this arrangement by romanticized thoughts of domestic discipline. Mrs. Lion accepted it to “make me happy.” We continue it even after the fantasies are long forgotten because, like enforced chastity, this lifestyle makes our marriage better. Sooner or later we will learn that punishment is not interested in my mood. If I don’t want to be punished, I have to obey Mrs. Lion. Her role is more difficult. No matter how much I don’t want that earned punishment, she has to go ahead and provide the education I earned.