OK. I really mean it this time. Lion and I are better. His cough is gone and his tummy is better. So far today my tummy is fine. We ate regular food last night with no ill effects. This morning Lion reported having the beginnings of a stiffy. Progress!!!

Tonight (dammit) we’re going to snuggle. If Lion gets a full woody from it, all the better. I might even drag out the old, tried and true, Magic Wand to help the situation. I’m tired of us feeling yucky. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it. So we’re done with that. I need to get this train back on track.

On Sunday Lion is making his transcontinental trip for work. I haven’t decided what tasks I’ll give him to complete. It may take a while to perfect my system, but I’m determined to exercise some control while he’s gone. Maybe I’ll find something obscure that he needs to get me a picture of. For example, if he’s in Paris, a picture of the Eiffel Tower would be too easy. I’ll have to find him another lesser known landmark. I think I will institute the rule that he has to text me as soon as the plane lands. He normally does, but I think it’s more fun as a rule. That only applies to the flight out, not home. Although it could really be for both ends of the flight.

I bet I can have a lot of fun making him do things while he’s gone. Nothing outrageous or too time consuming. He is there for work, after all. Just enough to remind him that I’m calling the shots no matter where he may be. Since he won’t be caged, I think he needs that reminder. Actually, lately, he needs a reminder at home too. We’ve slacked off way too much.