Travel Adjustments

Last night, as Lion was telling me about another business trip he has to make, this time for a week, I was wondering what I’d write about while he’s gone. I’m sort of the play by play reporter. When there is no play to report, I’m stumped. The more I think about it, the more I realize that I can write about our adjustment to this new job. It’s been a long time since either of us has traveled alone. Neither of us really does well solo.

Not that we’re joined at the hip or anything. Once you’re used to sleeping with someone, it’s difficult to find yourself alone in the bed. You get used to soft (or not-so-soft) snoring. It’s nice to be able to reach out and find someone across the bed in the middle of the night. I know we’re not unique. But it will be an adjustment.

I now have new responsibilities as airport shuttle driver. It’s cheaper than Lion leaving his car in long term parking and probably safer for the car. Plus, I’ll get to drive his car. That’s right. I’m stealing it! But only so the car doesn’t feel neglected while he’s gone. Yeah. That’s it.

I don’t always eat dinner when he’s gone. I get wrapped up in something and before I know it it’s ten o’clock. Then I grab something quick and not-so-good for me.

On the plus side, getting out the door in the morning is sometimes quicker. We are not running into each other while we brush our teeth or get clothes out of the closet. But I’d rather run into him a few times than have him gone.

You’ll notice I haven’t said anything about play or sex or whether Lion will be locked up. Those are all part of the adjustments that we haven’t had to deal with yet. Today is his first trip since we started enforced chastity. It’s only a one day trip so letting him be wild (he’s been wild all week anyway) is not a big deal. I’m not sure what we’ll do for the week-long trip. We’ll have to discuss it and make a decision. It’s not something I’m willing to decide on my own.

Lion is worried about not having time to write a post for the next few days because of travel. Just a heads up in case you wonder why you’re not getting notified of a new post. Perhaps there isn’t one.

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    I have a backup cage–the cb6000. It’s plastic and we have those plastic locks. I will likely be wearing that when we fly to our holiday spot later this month. It’s an option! However the two of you will make the right decision for your situation.

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