Lion has been counting down the days until his new job starts. I have been counting down the days until his all-you-can-come buffet ends. At this point, if he receives an orgasm tonight, he won’t go out with a bang, so to speak, on his final day. That doesn’t seem fair. What to do. What to do.

It doesn’t seem likely that he’ll want an orgasm tonight and tomorrow night. He doesn’t have such a quick turnaround anymore. In fact, there was only one time (if my memory serves me) that he came twice in one night. His turnaround is definitely not that quick now. I do wonder though if I gave him an orgasm this afternoon, would he be ready for tomorrow night? Could six or seven hours be the difference?

It’s likely we won’t find out. It’s already afternoon as I write this. And we have errands to run, as well as the odd job that pops up along the way. I suppose I could go attack him once I finish writing. Just as an experiment, you see. But I think it’s more likely that he’ll either not get an orgasm tonight so tomorrow night can be the fireworks, or possibly tonight will be the fireworks and tomorrow will be a down night. It’s for me to decide in the next ten hours or so.

I bet Lion doesn’t have a preference. Even if I ask him he’ll say it’s up to me. Of course it is, but sometimes I do like to know how he feels about things. This certainly doesn’t have any repercussions. Either way he’ll have an orgasm and be happy. He’ll start his new job either with a fresh orgasm or a day-old orgasm. No horniness to distract him from learning the secret handshake of the new job. And that’s really my only interest in having a specific time frame to give him this last orgasm. I want him to be happy and relaxed. It definitely won’t be his last orgasm ever. Just the last one to send him off to the first day of school. Name and bus number on a piece of paper pinned to his chest. Thermos of hot chicken noodle soup and bologna sandwich in his Batman lunchbox.

OK. That’s going too far, but I’ve never seen him this excited for a job to start. I want him to have the best first day he can have.


  1. Author

    How about a serious tease / edge session tonight, just to make tomorrow that much more special? Depending upon your schedule tomorrow, you could even do another during the day sometime. Just a thought…

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    Hi Mrs Lion,
    Mr Jan and I have been dabbling with caging and female led relationship. I have having a technical problem with the cage as Mr Jan wakes with a shall we say pop up which causes the cage to become uncomfortable and rubs on his tender bits.
    Is this normal? Do we need a different cage or just I just persevere and go on with his training?
    I am the key holder and he wears his cage to work
    Please assist with any advice
    Mrs Jan

    1. Author

      Hi Mrs.Jan
      I also wake up regularly with a “chubby”. It isn’t uncomfortable to me as I sort of appreciate the smugness. So it may be the cage he has. I know my jailbird is very comfortable.

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