Waiting is the Hardest Part

No, I don’t mean Lion waiting for orgasms. He’s pretty lucky in that department. I love giving them to him almost as much as he loves getting them. I mean waiting to hear about his job prospect. I’m sure it was just a time issue, but it seems cruel to interview someone on a Friday. The person was on the east coast so his day was almost over by the time they were done talking. All indications are that the interviewer takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to make up his mind. In the meantime, Lion (and I) are left twisting in the wind.

Lion has taken this time, and the past month for that matter, to learn everything he can about the company. As you know, that’s what he does. He wants something so he researches. Rinse and repeat. I’m sure he knows more about the company than a lot of people working there. Part of it is a genuine interest in the company. Part of it is a way to pass the time while waiting. And waiting. And waiting. At this point he vacillates between being sure he has the job and being sure he doesn’t. I don’t mind waiting for things, but this has become ridiculous. Right now I’d like to shake these decision makers by their lapels and ask them what the hell is taking so long. Sh*t or get off the pot, as my father used to say.

All this waiting is not good for our sex life. Well, Lion’s sex life, since I don’t really have one of my own. He’s not in the mood. I can understand it. Being unemployed takes a lot out of you. Job searches are strenuous. Waiting for people to make up their minds drives you crazy. On top of that, I keep forgetting to give him his punishment swats. I think of them when it isn’t convenient and then forget when it is. We’re just out of sync with our normal day to day activities.

I unlocked Lion last night. Not because he wanted to play, but because he hadn’t been unlocked for a few days. I thought it was time for Mr. Weenie to be out in the fresh air for a while, and it gave Lion an opportunity to clean the cage. Today I have to do some manscaping. As I was debating with myself about leaving him wild until his manscaping, Lion asked if I wanted him to put the ring back on. So I locked him up. It really doesn’t take that much effort to unlock him again for him to put the numbing cream on before I use the Bella Light hair removal device.

His next orgasm date is six days away. I hope there’s some good news by then. If there is, I bet he’ll be raring to go and he can have his new job orgasm.