No Rules for Me

Lion has rules to follow. I do not. Aside from the obvious rule of not hurting him beyond the parameters of what we’ve agreed to, I am free to do what I want. Or not do what I don’t want. Sometimes that’s scary for Lion. Sometimes it works out quite well for him.

We were snuggling while watching TV and I was playing with his wild weenie. When the show went off, he said he needed to pee. I toyed with the idea of telling him if he left the bed that would be it for the night. I decided that wasn’t really fair. It was a bodily function, after all. I couldn’t expect him to have the reaction I wanted while he had to pee. After he came back, he said he had been horny earlier but wasn’t anymore. He suggested I use his friend – the Magic Wand. He thought that might do the trick. It did.

I edged him a few times with the Magic Wand and then I used my hand to bring him to an orgasm. I know he just had one the other day. So? He gave me his patented “why did you do that?” look and I laughed at him. I asked him if he was arguing about having an orgasm again. He said it just seemed quite soon. He hadn’t expected it. I think that’s part of the appeal of giving him an orgasm. He should never expect one. He should always think this might be the time I go all the way, but he should never expect it. Plus I like the face he makes while he comes and just after. He gets the biggest smile afterwards.

I was debating if I should leave him wild. He certainly wouldn’t be in the mood to masturbate. But then I decided that he doesn’t view being wild the same way I do. I see it as a reward. I trust him enough to leave him to his own devices. He sees being caged as an indication of my control. He wants to feel my control. Leaving him wild, while he does like it occasionally, eliminates that portion of my control over him. Since he’s unemployed at the moment, I think he craves more control rather than less. It’s a constant in his life. When everything else is changing or potentially out of control, having Mr. Weenie safely caged maintains consistency.