I realized just before bed last night that I had forgotten to give Lion his punishment swats. He said he certainly wasn’t going to remind me. He’s correct. He’s under no obligation to remind me except on Mondays and Thursdays. After that, it’s up to my shoddy memory.

I’ve been far to lax lately. Lion wasn’t interested for a few days so we didn’t do anything. Even before that, I’d backed off from anal training. The only thing wrong with that is then we have to start all over. I can’t very well try to jam a huge dildo into him. We’ll need to go back to fingers and narrower dildos. He can probably still take the smaller nJoy butt plug with a little patience and a lot of lube. We can start again tonight.

I guess this is all part of a normal ebb and flow of any relationship. Why should enforced chastity and FLR be any different? It’s silly to think we’d be “on” all the time. We’re not calling anything quits. We’re just regrouping. Catching our breath. Life has been interfering a bit more than usual lately. We’ll be back in sync in no time.

In the meantime, Lion is still being a very good boy, adhering to most of his rules. He does have his slip ups now and then, but he’s usually good. And now that I’m thinking about it, he did interrupt me last night. I got home a little late and we were both trying to talk about our days and things we needed to do last night and we tripped over each other. That’s not an excuse. Lion should still be punished for the infraction. And he did stop talking as soon as he realized what happened and apologized. He has gotten better at realizing that what he has to say is no more important that what I have to say. Obviously, if my hair is on fire, he should interrupt me. Emergencies preempt all rules. If Lion burns his tongue and has to spit out food which then lands on his shirt, I won’t punish him. I’d rather have him make a mess than burn himself worse.

But that’s just me being a non-leather-clad dominatrix. I think, even if it was me who suggested chastity and was into BDSM, I would still realize that life supersedes play. It has to.