I find that Lion is a lot less horny than he was a few weeks ago. What changed? I’m not sure. He seems to get just as aroused, but it takes longer. It’s OK though. I’m not under any time constraint. I don’t need him to get to the edge in less than a minute. We can work up slowly. It’s just an observation.

Lion still gets to the edge. And I’ve been trying to push him closer and closer. For whatever reason, I’ve been able to push him further but not go too far. Now I’ve jinxed myself. Tonight I’ll probably go too far and he’ll have a ruined orgasm because I got too cocky. Pun intended. At any rate, I can almost hear him begging for just one more stroke to make it over the edge. Sadly, I have stopped in time. A few nights ago he had precum dripping for a while afterwards. I don’t think he did last night. [Lion — Yes I did! I was moving around afterward and 2.0 didn’t see. It was messy.] But I do not think it was any less intense. He was still a puddle.

I want to make sure Lion gets back to his very horny state before I give him another orgasm. I want him to really want one. Of course, just wanting one doesn’t mean he’ll get it. That’s only the beginning. He can’t wake up on the 30th, overly horny and expect to have an orgasm because it’s on the calendar. Nope. That’s not how it works. 2.0 has to be ready to give him one. Or, as she likes to say, take it from him. And I guess, technically, if he goes past his scheduled date by too much she might decide to take it whether he’s horny enough or not. I mean, fair is fair. Lion may think 2.0 owes him an orgasm, but doesn’t he really owe her one? They are her orgasms after all.

So on we march. Toward the scheduled date and prepping Lion for his orgasm. I mean 2.0’s orgasm. They say the journey is half the fun. 2.0 thinks it’s more than half the fun.

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    Personally I find edging drives my horniness to new levels. Continue to edge him and he’ll get there.

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