Well, our day got away from us yesterday. Our errands took longer than expected. Lion has been experimenting with a new cooking technique which works well, but still causes a little anxiety.[Lion — It’s sous-vide. I wrote about it in this morning’s post.] He’s afraid to trust that the food will not get ruined. Needless to say, we didn’t play during the day. Dinner was a little later than usual and that delayed other things.

By the time we were settled in, it was already late and I think Lion was actually a bit surprised that I unlocked him at all. I apologized for not playing earlier and said he should at least be unlocked for a while. Of course, as I stroked him he got hard immediately. It was obvious he wasn’t upset about not playing. I decided to jump between his legs and torment him with my mouth. I edged him a bunch of times and then went a little too far. He said it felt like a ruined orgasm although nothing more than precum came out. He was judging it by the tense muscles in his legs.

Offhandedly, I remarked that it’s a good thing he didn’t earn pennies for having ruined orgasms. He told me I could give him a penny if I wanted to. Of course I could. But I was kidding. A little while later he asked if I was upset at him for having a ruined orgasm. Not only was I not upset at him (he can’t control when I push him too far), but I also was not upset at myself as I usually am for pushing him too far. Why not? I don’t know. Maybe 2.0 doesn’t sweat the small stuff. There are plenty of other times to edge him. Ruined orgasms don’t seem to have a lasting effect on him anyway. As a matter of fact, later on, he said he was trying to get hard in his cage.

But I wondered if he had really been worried that I was upset, so I asked. He said he was a little worried. Joking about the penny was the first time I’d ever mentioned it being his fault. I’ve always taken the blame. I pushed too far. I should have stopped. I was playing with fire. Me. Not him. So I told him he didn’t have to be worried. He said he’s always worried when it comes to me. We’ll have to work on that. There’s no need to worry about me and my reactions.

If 2.0 ever decides to train him to resist an orgasm, she may give him a penny for failing, but she’d also give him a learning curve. I’m not saying that training will ever happen, but she certainly won’t spring it on him at the last minute. 1…2…3…awwww, too bad. You get a penny. Nope. He’ll know in advance exactly what is expected of him. And he will probably fail the first few times. Nobody’s perfect. That’s why it’s called training.

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    I think that Lion can’t help worrying about how you’re feeling – that’s what being in love is all about!

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