Happy New Year! I hope you had fun last night. Mrs. Lion will be writing about our New Year’s Eve at home. I’ve been thinking back over 2015 and about things I’ve read during the year. I can’t give an accurate count of my orgasms over the year or my shortest, longest, and average wait times. I’m not sure it is particularly useful to know these things. We don’t have any short or long term targets for this.

Do we want them? Should there be a monthly or annual maximum? Is there value in lowering that number each year? I’ve never thought such limits were useful for us. Of course, I have an obvious bias. Mrs. Lion is not a list maker or a schedule keeper at heart so she prefers things to be ad hoc. The question is whether there needs to be a change in that area. She does schedule my orgasms in a somewhat random manner. She does several months’ worth at a time. Maybe there is a system that I don’t know. Maybe she has set limits. A lion would love to know.

As for things I can control, I do have some resolutions:

  1. I will stop asking if we are going to play. It’s true that Mrs. Lion often forgets, but it isn’t my place to remind her.
  2. I will thank her each time she observes an infraction and punishes me for it. I will encourage her by letting her know that I appreciate the attention.
  3. I will work harder not to interrupt her and encourage her to deal with even minimal offenses.
  4. I will work hard to be more obedient.
  5. I will only report how horny I am if Mrs. Lion asks directly. I won’t put any sexual pressure on her. [Mrs. Lion — I do enjoy Lion weather reports.]
  6. I will hold still for spankings.
  7. Work harder to hold off an orgasm during teasing unless told I can come.
  8. Stop being grumbly and expect punishment when I am, even a little.
  9. Become an eager eater when fed semen. [Mrs. Lion – Part of the fun is the look on your face.]
  10. Gracefully accept nail polish, diapers, and other discomforts and humiliations with no grumbling. [Mrs. Lion – Again, it’s the look on your face.]

That’s my list for now. It’s ambitious. I’ll do my best. Enjoy your New Year’s Day!