A Lion Celebration

As you can imagine, we spent the night in last night. We’re not much for parties and standing in the cold to watch fireworks we can see on TV seems ridiculous. We had our Chinese takeout and settled in for the night. In addition to being New Year’s eve, it was Lion’s orgasm night. We had our own festivities.

I combined Lion’s love of three things. First I cuffed his hands together and then I cuffed his feet together. I didn’t tie him to the bed because I knew he be turning over and I wanted him to remain cuffed the entire time. Yes, Lion, there was a method to my madness. I grabbed all the paddles in the bedroom and brought them to the bed. Lion laughed at me. He thought it was overkill. I told him I didn’t know which ones I’d want so I brought them all. Most of them are the ones I use for punishment, but of course, they can work just fine for play spanking. I made Lion’s butt a lovely shade of rosy red. I even bit him a few times. He was a very good boy and stayed still the whole time.

When I was done with his tush I had him roll over. He was still cuffed so it was a little difficult but he managed. I asked him if he was ready to come and he said I had to determine when he was ready. I started off with my hands but then I realized what he really wanted was my mouth. I had to uncuff his feet for that. As soon as my mouth touched him he was harder. Now he was really ready. He’s gotten it in his mind that I have to give him permission to come. That’s difficult to do when I’m sucking him. Besides, I like to push him to the point that he has no choice in the matter. I never get mad at him for coming too soon. That just means I’ve done my job. And I get mad at myself when he has a ruined orgasm if that wasn’t what I was going for, and I rarely go for that. But, for last night, I gave him permission and he had the most prolific orgasm he’s had in a while. And, although I thought I had sucked him dry, he was dripping for a while afterwards. Yum!

The only problem is that, somehow, Lion has a sore on his penis now. It was there before he came. We don’t know how it happened. The easiest explanation is that he got pinched in the cage. I won’t say I told you so, but he did want the cage locked on a little too quickly the other night. It might have happened then. I don’t know if he’ll be able to have his New Year’s day orgasm. He’s decided if he can’t have one then I should. We’ll see. It’s supposed to be his night again.

Lion ended the old year with a gush. I’m still hoping he can start the new year with one.