Somewhere along the line Lion acquired a web cam. I don’t think he has any plans to create Lion porn. At least I hope not. No one wants to see my butt on any screen. He has it set up near the front door. I assume it’s, in part, so he can see when the dog wants to go out. She has a tendency to just stand there and you’re supposed to realize she’s there by telepathy, I guess. Aside from being a pretty boring TV show for most of the day, it allows me to check up on my naked Lion. Every time he walks down the hall I can see him.

Using an app on my phone I can tune in and see what’s been happening. Yesterday I watched Lion walk past fully dressed. Excuse me? Dressed? That shouldn’t be. Well, he was on his way to the store so he did, in fact, need to be clothed. And when he came back he dutifully went toward the bedroom and returned to the kitchen naked. He’s such a good boy.

If you had the login information you could have watched us frantically trying to get the smoke out of the house after Lion’s new pizza recipe briefly caught the oven on fire last night. He was testing out his new pizza peel and things didn’t go quite as planned. Toppings and sauce spilled all over the place inside the oven. So for that short time, with the dog and us running around in circles, it wasn’t such a boring TV show.

I like it because I get to be home, in a sense, during the day. It’s always fun to see my Lion in the middle of the day. When work gets to me, I can sneak off and take a peek at what’s been happening at home. Not that I need to check up on him. I’m fairly certain he’s naked right now. And he’s probably in his office. Maybe he’s started the laundry already. The dog has probably needed to go out a few times already. Nothing exciting. It’s just nice to peek.

Last night was Lion’s scheduled orgasm. He had only waited four days so he wasn’t desperate. I decided I didn’t want to edge him. Instead I started licking and sucking him. I love when he gets hard in my mouth. I teased him and listened to his noises. Lots of little moans and gasps. I like that. When he started bucking a little, I stopped. Not yet, Lion. This was going to be a slow rise to driving you out of your mind.

I didn’t take it as far as I could have. Sometimes I have him bucking himself off the bed and almost begging to be allowed to come. Not last night. I just wanted to build him up to a nice long orgasm. And by default, I was rewarded by a very nice mouthful of yummy Lion goodness.

When I changed his date to the 29th he was a little upset. Ten days? That’s more than double the last wait. He’s not really upset. He just doesn’t want to wait ten days. I can always point out to him that if he doesn’t like the wait, I can make it longer. I don’t think he’ll like that too much either. Poor Lion.

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    Yikes, smoke! Did you buy a wooden pizza peel? If so, did it go in the oven and stay for awhile? They’re supposed to be a giant spatula to get a cooked pizza out of the oven.

    If he doesn’t want to cook on a metal sheet of some kind, you can cook on a pizza brick. Mine are large, glazed ceramic discs, about 18 inches in diameter. They make for a nice, evenly cooked and browned–as much as you want–crust. I bake artisan bread without a bread pan on the bricks too. I’ve lined my oven with standard, red bricks to hold the temperature.

    Darn! I’ve already got flank steak marinating for the grill tonight. Pizza tomorrow! Throwing flour and yeast in the mixer now.

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