In the poker game of life, we’ve been getting dealt some pretty crappy hands lately. I’m tired of it. Our luck has to change soon. It just has to. Of course, we haven’t hit bottom yet, but we can sure see bottom from here.

Given all the financial nonsense, I’m not really in the mood for play. Lion says he’s horny and I’m glad to hear it, but I just don’t feel like doing anything about it. Right now, at least. I may later. What I want right now is a chicken sandwich from Burger King and a nice quiet, dark place to hide. My reality is a cup-o-noodles and a very bright break room. Lion talks about his chastity fantasies. My fantasies are much simpler, but somehow just as unattainable at the moment. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. I’m sure this will pass before I get home tonight. Right now the only decision I want to make is when to go enjoy that steaming cup-o-noodles.

As I said, by tonight I could have an entirely different outlook on things. I do have tomorrow off. Unless, for some ridiculous reason, I decide to work. That ridiculous reason, of course, is money. Am I going to earn enough tomorrow to fix anything? Not really. I think what we need is some (more) time together to lick our wounds. Even if we just lay in bed all day and watch television. Just being together helps. I guess that’s a good thing since, if we lose everything else, we’ll still have each other. And Lion is my most important possession.

OK. I’m off to savor the chicken flavor of my cup-o-noodles in the cheerful break room. I feel a little better already. Good talk.