Frustrated Lion

I don’t think Lion gave me a weather report at all yesterday until I asked him just before I was ready to play with him. He reminded me earlier in the day that it was maintenance spanking night and suggested that he might need a good spanking. The other day he suggested that maintenance spanking should be more like punishment spanking. Sometimes Lion doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. I was more than happy to oblige him.

While I didn’t swat him as hard as I do for punishment, I was a bit relentless with the amount of swats. Generally with punishment I do six very hard swats, unless he moves. Then there are more. Maintenance swats are generally the same number, just not as hard. Last night the intensity was the normal maintenance swat but I did way more than six and they were fairly rapid fire. And when he moved he got another round of swats. He whined almost the entire time about it hurting. Duh! Isn’t that the point? Silly boy.

With a sore butt it was time for some teasing. I asked if he was horny. He said he definitely was. Yes, he sure was. I edged him and when I stopped I didn’t give him long to rest. I kept right at him until he was at the edge again. And again. He was so riled up I think a slight breeze would have done it for him. Then I decided to lick him. Torture! When he was calmed down a little I sucked him. Poor frustrated boy!

Afterward he thanked me for not waiting until ten o’clock. He says it really makes a difference. I guess the early bird really does get the worm…um…cock. He said he was really frustrated and reminded me that he was still wild. Yes, he was. So I leaned over and kissed Mr. Weenie. He’d be locked up in due time.

When I consulted my calendar before we played I noticed that his scheduled date was last night. Too bad he had just come the other night. I know Lion would have taken one for the team and had another orgasm. Good thing he doesn’t know when his scheduled dates are. The next one is a ways away. But so is Christmas, as Lion is fond of saying. And I don’t usually pay attention to the schedule anyway. I take his orgasms when I want them. They are mine, after all.

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    Lion shouldn’t get lioness riled up. But,isn’t that the point?

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