There is a ton of information and misinformation about purchasing chastity devices. I have a page with details on how to fit one. But how do you select one? What is important to consider? Let’s start with the most basic and critical concept: enforced chastity is consensual. The guy wants his cock locked up. Locking up a man against his will is illegal. So if you or your partner wants to begin enforced chastity, the key is that he wants it (or at least agrees to it). Therefore, there is no reason to waste any time thinking about whether you can escape or not from a device.  Even devices secured by penis piercings can be escaped with enough effort. Remembering this will save you a lot of money and pain.

The purpose of a chastity device is to prevent erection and stimulation to orgasm. That means the device is measured to snugly hold the flaccid (soft) penis. No room is needed for an erection. In case you wondered, it is possible to have an orgasm without getting an erection. It is almost always possible with a big vibrator to get off while wearing a cage. But remember, enforced chastity is consensual. The device doesn’t have to be the Alcatraz of penis.

What is important when selecting a device is that it is comfortable and easy to keep clean. Obviously, it has to fit well enough so it will take some effort to escape. But you are expected to have enough self control to not try too hard. The most popular devices are known as “ball capture” devices. They consist of a ring that goes around your balls and your penis. A cage or container fits onto this base ring and locks in place. The base ring measurement is critical. If it is too lose, your escape-artist balls will slip out while you wear the cage. If it is too tight, you will experience pain and chafing. On our Getting a Good Fit page there are suggestions on how to find the right size for your base ring.

my flaccid penis compared with my cage.
I put on my base ring and placed the cage on the mounting pin in the same place it would go to contain my penis. Note that the cage is about 1/2″ shorter than my flaccid penis. This turns out to be perfect for me.

Here’s the part that almost everyone gets wrong: the cage size. A properly sized cage will gently hug the sides of the penis and the head will always be in full contact with the front. Virtually everyone gets a cage that is too long. This is a problem because if the penis is not touching the front of the cage, when you pee urine will slop into the cage and everywhere else. If your penis is firmly pressed against the front of the device, pee will travel through the provided opening. Also erections won’t get any room to start. This page shows my penis both soft and hard inside the cage. You can see there is virtually no difference. That’s the way it should be. Even with a perfect fit, I occasionally spray when peeing. My urethra can “wander” a fraction of an inch and “bite” the bars. When this happens (image), the urine stream is interrupted. This is much more unlikely if the cage length is short enough.

Some guys experience pain when they attempt to get hard inside the device. This often happens during sleep. The pain wakes them up. A properly fit device is much less likely to cause this problem, but it is possible. I wear the Mature Metal Jail Bird device. Attempted erections do not hurt at all. I sleep right through them. Open cage devices like the Jail Bird seem to be less prone to such issues.

A key requirement for a successful device is that it is easy to keep clean. No matter how hard you try, some urine will drip into the device or, in my case, in the space between the cage and my balls. If it isn’t very easy to stay clean, you will start to smell very bad unless you take a lot of time to be sure to clean the device. Many guys who wear solid tube devices spend half of a shower just trying to clean out the device. Those tubes look cool and do prevent any contact with the penis, but they also require a lot of effort to keep clean.

Most people when the first start out and want to try enforced chastity, order a ready-made device. They’re much less expensive than custom devices and you can get one in a day or two. Custom devices take up to two months to get. The problem with the ready-made devices is that they rarely fit well. Length is almost always wrong (too long usually) and the base rings may or may not be right. I think that many of the people who quit after a week or two, do so because of bad fitting off-the-shelf devices. If you do order one of these devices, only buy acrylic (plastic) or stainless steel devices. Chrome plated devices don’t hold up and the plating will flake off.

That’s it. The lion’s guide to buying a male chastity device. The most important advice I can give you is to ignore “security” and find a device you can wear comfortably 24/7. Why? Because that’s what you will end up doing. My cage rarely comes off.