We’re about to head out on an extended holiday weekend trip. Lion has a few posts ready since we’ll be in a dead zone for most of the trip. I mean completely dead. Nothing for miles. But cell service is available if we drive a short distance. I tell you this because I may miss a few days of posts myself. My posts are generally reactionary. What happened last night? What was in Lion’s post? What stunning decision did I make on the way to work? Nothing like the research sort of posts Lion can whip up on a moment’s notice. I guess that’s because he’s been fantasizing about chastity and practicing power exchange forever.

My reactionary post for today was going to deal with Lion’s request that I contact creditors. I hate doing that. My ex always wanted me to do it and then he’d tell me I did it wrong. I don’t think on my feet as quickly as Lion does. Many of the creditors are only in one of our names anyway. I can’t call about his stuff just as he can’t call about mine. Besides, he’s home and I’m at work. It’s easier for him to call. But I decided that I would offer to call today. Then we decided it could wait till next week. We’ve got our fingers crossed for good news on the job front so the call may be unnecessary.

Wondering how to measure for a chastity device? Check out Getting A Good Fit for detailed information.

As an introvert, I need to psych myself up to make a phone call. I need to rehearse the questions and decide what my answer will be to their anticipated questions. When they throw me a curve ball I have a hard time recovering. Yesterday I worked myself all up to call about my car payment. I thought they would threaten to drag me out of the truck halfway home and make me walk the rest of the way. When I explained my plans for making the payment all she said was she’d make a note and I should call back after I made the payment. As stressful as it is for me to make phone calls, Lion shouldn’t have to do them all by himself. I can help. I just need enough lead time to give myself a pep talk.

On a more positive note, I actually made a decision last night. Lion was shocked. And pleased. The Lion weather report was horny, but we were watching tv and by the time I unlocked him to play he was less than enthusiastic. I told him it was ok. I was enjoying just touching him. We talked about his upcoming punishment for interrupting me. I said, since we’re driving a long way to our destination tomorrow, I reserve the right to punish him Friday night instead. He said I always have that option. When I was done playing with him I left him unlocked. Eventually I put the cage in the bathroom, in it’s “vacation” spot. I told Lion I was leaving him wild. We have a lot of things to accomplish tonight and I don’t want to have to unlock him again tonight. Mr. Weenie is free. Lion can stand to pee. It’s a good day in Lionland.

We won’t have our sling to play in, but I can still restrain Lion and whomp his butt. I can also do some more chomping. Why not? There’s nothing else to do in the middle of nowhere. I may have a few more activities up my sleeve. He’s a lucky Lion. [Lion — I’m always a lucky lion because Mrs. Lion loves me]