Reading Lion’s posts about his fantasies makes me feel like the most boring person. The only fantasy I’ve ever had was being part of a three-way with two guys. I know that may be racy for most people, but those people never ran in Lion’s circle. I’ve seen some of his friends. Let me just say, my mother would be mortified that I was in the same room as them. She doesn’t have a very open mind at all. My sister was afraid to tell her my niece was living with her boyfriend. The horror! I do have a vivid imagination, it’s just never gone in that direction.

So how did a country bumpkin like me wind up with a big city guy like Lion? We met online. And then a few days later we met in person. For sex. Yup. Right of the bat. I had decided I wanted some excitement. Little did I know how much excitement I would find. I had no idea the kinkiness running through his veins. It’s not that I had never heard of bondage, etc. I just never wanted to try it. And here was this guy who wanted it done to him. I’d like to think I’m positive if he had suggested tying me up I would have run for the door. But I was looking for excitement after all. I don’t know what I would have done. To this day I wonder if I can really be effective if I don’t understand the other side of the coin. However, I have no inclination to be tied up so I’m not sure if being tied up would really give me any insight anyway.

Lion insists I’m doing a wonderful job being his key holder. I just try to make him happy. I know I disappoint him from time to time. There’s no way I can do it 100% of the time. It’s just not feasible. But I do try. And I hope I succeed more often than not. I’m not trying to compete with his fantasies. I’m trying to make them come true as best as I can.