Lion has not been horny since his orgasm on the fourth. He hasn’t wanted any attention. Even yesterday when I told him I could warm his buns for him, he didn’t really care. I’m not worried. But I am.

Sometimes he’s just not interested. And now there’s added stress of unemployment and mounting bills. And I’ve noticed lately even though I’ve varied the time of night we play and the length of time, somehow it’s become routine. Is the chastity honeymoon over? I have to admit, there are limits to how many different ways you can do the same thing. But I need to spice things up a bit. Maybe some time in the sling. Maybe some time in a diaper. Something.

I don’t want to force him to play. But I’m afraid if we don’t then we’ll revert to the pre-chastity non-sex. Neither of us wants that. Maybe, since I’m supposed to be in charge, it’s just a matter of telling him he’ll get attention whether he wants it or not. His buns need to be whomped for fun. He needs to be tied to the bed so I can do evil things to him. He needs more orgasms because I need to taste him. I need to remind him why he wanted to be locked up in the first place. I need to remind him why he asked me to take charge.

So tonight, maybe the TV gets less attention and we focus on some Lion attention. Is there an orgasm in his immediate future? Perhaps. We’ll see if he’s a good boy or not.


  1. Author

    Mistress K. and I had a similar period in our development. Her “cure” for that was to cut my actual real orgasms back to 4 per year on average. This year may even be less. Ruined orgasms don’t count because when done right, they don’t diminish my lust for her. I don’t know exactly what you mean by “tasting” him but perhaps the results of his ruined orgasms will suffice. All the other activities you mentioned should happen whenever and however you desire, regardless of his feelings. That’s what he’s there for afterall. To please you. Yes?
    [Lion — I fixed a couple of small typos]

    1. Author

      Unfortunately, ruined orgasms reset my orgasm “clock”. Each time I have one, even though it isn’t fun for me, it has the same effect as one that I enjoyed. My post tomorrow morning, in part, talks about reducing orgasm frequency. I would be very interested in your reaction and experience.

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    Mrs Lion, have you ever tried prostate milking? I am little skeptical how workable it is. However some are saying that they are doing it all the time.

    And it is absolutely something new for Lion to handle.

  3. Author

    We’ve tried prostate milking in the past with little success. However, Lion read about a different technique that we haven’t tried yet. Personally I’d rather just give him an orgasm.

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