Last night was not Lion’s scheduled orgasm date. I thought about telling him it was and then saying “April Fools” but that seemed cruel. Then I thought I could tell him it wasn’t his night and giving him one as an April Fools “joke”. He wouldn’t have minded that prank at all.

As I was edging him we were talking about how long he had been waiting and how long he might still have to wait. I told him I was in a quandary. I wanted to give him an orgasm but that would be cheating. He said he would take one for the team. He even offered to go on an orgasm a day schedule. What a guy! He’s always so helpful when it comes to coming. He said he discovered that he has had two or three orgasms since I had my last one. When I thought about it, I counted at least four since my last one. He decided that was a pretty good average. For a caged Lion.

I still really wanted to give him an orgasm. Why? I don’t know. It had nothing to do with the fact that he was bucking and writhing. It wasn’t even that I wanted to taste him, although that’s always a nice treat. I just wanted to. He wasn’t arguing. It was just the idea that I would be cheating. So, while he was calming down from an edging, Me, Myself and I had an emergency board meeting. We decided that he should have his orgasm as scheduled, but there was no law on the books that said he couldn’t have one last night as well. Lion laughed at me when I told him, but he wasn’t arguing. Even as I was taking him over the edge he kept saying, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” But I wasn’t going to change my mind.

It was “just” a hand job. No frills. No licking. No sucking. Nothing special about it except he got to come. And I don’t feel guilty because the board approved. He still has no idea what his scheduled date is but for now he doesn’t care. He’s a happy boy.