It Ain’t Broke

I suppose it would be easy for Lion and I to retreat from chastity and domestic discipline in the face of losing our jobs. We could spiral into depression and not want to move. But I don’t want to do that. First of all, I still have one of my jobs so I still need to get my butt out of the house in the morning. And why would we want to stop doing the one thing that has done us the most good? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We need to keep moving forward so at least one thing remains constant. If I suggested unlocking Lion until things get better he could take that to mean I’ve given up on him. I haven’t. I won’t.

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I’m sure it’s boring for him to be home all day. He’s used to some sort of structure. At this point I’m torn between letting him find things to do on his own and making him a list for each day. I feel bad that I’ve been leaving chores for him to do. Laundry was always done on the weekends but the past few weeks I’ve been leaving it for him to do. Sure it fills the hours for him, but at some point am I taking advantage of him? Or am I really just providing him with structure? If I say Monday is laundry day and Tuesday is clean the kitchen day and Wednesday is clean the bathrooms day, etc. is it part of a female led relationship or slavery?

I’m not as structured as Lion so I probably won’t give him set tasks on set days. I think I will continue to give him a task or two each day. Or maybe a list of things that need to be accomplished throughout the week. If he wants to do them all on Monday and take the rest of the week off then so be it. Not that he’s been taking time off. He works on the blog. He cooks almost every day. He’s been doing things around the house whether I ask him to or not. My point is that if I specifically ask him to do something then it becomes a punishable offense if it is not completed. Doing things without being asked might gain him a reward. My other point is that I can’t make him feel like I’m taking advantage of him. I have to find a balance.

No matter what, we are together and not stopping chastity or domestic discipline. He’s stuck with that just like he’s stuck with me. And I know we’re happy to be stuck with each other.

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    I cannot imagine the stress of both of you having employment issues, and I think you are making the right choice by continuing to keep him locked. Changes in employment should not make for changes in the relationship unless absolutely necessary. And keeping him locked is not a reason for the job problems, so your assessment of if it ain’t broke…. is right on.

    As for leaving the laundry and other chores – it is not taking advantage of having him use some of that free time contributing to the household. The hours he would have been working a job to contribute to the family can be spent contributing to the family at the house instead of the office. That does not mean that you need to tie up every waking moment – unless he is truly craving the control or if he has been doing inappropriate things with his time. I would say that perhaps three days a week you could fill his days pretty full with tasks to help out the household and two days a week he can have some down time with minimal demands.

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