punishment paddle
This is the bloodwood punishment paddle with a patch of very scratchy anti-skid tape glued on one side.

Last night was most eventful. Mrs. Lion has apparently moved things up a level or two. As she said in her post yesterday, she has no intention of slowing things down on the domestic discipline or enforced chastity fronts. Yesterday was punishment day (every Monday and Thursday). After dinner she had me roll over on my stomach and she used the vicious bloodwood paddle to remind me to remember napkins when I serve weekend breakfast in bed and to avoid spilling water on the counter when I refill our coffee maker. I managed to squirm away a couple of times, but she persisted and now, hours later, my butt still stings. There is no question that this spanking was corrective and not BDSM fun. It hurt like hell. I know, I know, it’s supposed to. But this is really new for me.

A few minutes after the spanking, Mrs. Lion brought out the Njoy butt plug, the smaller one, and with some difficulty shoved it up my ass. It’s been quite a while since I have had anything back there. It hurt going in, but once in, it was good for a couple of hours, then I needed it out. I think it will take some serious practice before anal play will be easier.

Once the plug was out and I had a chance to pee, Mrs. Lion released me from my chastity device and masturbated me to the edge a few times. She told me that she wanted some precum. She got me close enough that I supplied her a little bit. She thanked me for making it for her. I really wanted to come. She told me that it wasn’t time yet. Since I haven’t had a ruined orgasm, I am seriously in need now. It’s been nine days. I know that’s not a lot to the long-termers out there. But it feels like forever to me.

In her post, Mrs. Lion said that part of my problem now is that I need structure. She said that she would provide me with a list of chores and that would help me feel better. I don’t mind doing chores, but I never needed structure. I’m good at finding things to do all by myself. My stress comes from economic uncertainty and a feeling of failure. I know it is natural, but it doesn’t make it any easier. I have to admit that the punishment and the sexual fun helped my spirits considerably. Well, not the punishment itself; I was dreading that. But the fact that Mrs. Lion is monitoring me and correcting me as needed is a big boost for me.

I’m not on an emotional roller coaster. I still feel down about our difficulties. But at least last night I was really aroused and feeling the strong need to come just as Mrs. Lion stopped jerking me off. You’d think that after all this time I would be used to being teased. I don’t think my body lets me. Each time I feel like Charlie Brown running to kick the football that Lucy is holding, knowing full well she will pull it away at the last second. Maybe this time she won’t stop. Maybe she will keep going and let me ejaculate. Nope, not this time. There’s always Wednesday.