Flaccidly Yours, Caged Lion

Yesterday was just an off day all around. Both Mrs. Lion and I were a bit out of sorts. We aren’t sick. Maybe it is just cloudy weather, or the season. Who knows? I do know that after a massive tease and deny on Tuesday night, sex is never far from the front of my mind. Being horny has a new face now that I have been locked so long. My body only tries to get hard when I am sleeping and my brain must be doing system tests. At times like this, even though I badly want sex, my penis stays dutifully soft in its steel cage. It knows that erection is futile to attempt. Part of this may be age, but most, I am sure, is a new, learned response to my continual confinement.

I realize that I have changed. I haven’t masturbated since February 2014. Even when unlocked, the inclination to play with myself isn’t there any longer. My need for release is stronger than ever. It just doesn’t seem very well connected to the object that gives me the release. Am I impotent? No, I get hard almost the instant Mrs. Lion plays with my penis. A few strokes from her and I am on my way. But when I am wild and in the shower, I can wash it all night and it remains at ease.

Of course there have been times when I find myself straining at my cage. Any time I am giving Mrs. Lion an orgasm, my penis tries to break out of its cage. Seeing sexy women elicits no reaction. Porn is more intellectually interesting. It can feed my mental arousal, but Mr. Weenie is unimpressed. I’m trying to understand what this means.

Am I now physically responsive to a much narrower range of stimuli? Is it restricted to Mrs. Lion alone? I won’t find that out since Mrs. Lion is not inclined to give anyone else a chance to do any lion petting. It would be interesting to test the theory and see if a pinch hitter could ring lion chimes. It’s just intellectually interesting to me. Am I under orgasm control involuntarily? Is that even possible?

I always thought that there was a chance that the combination of making physical arousal and release impossible without Mrs. Lion, and Mrs. Lion regularly providing arousal and release, would condition me to be unable to get aroused or come any other way, including unsupervised masturbation. It’s very unlikely that I am truly incapable of independent arousal and orgasm; at least not yet. But I know for sure that any activity that isn’t performed by Mrs. Lion will be much more difficult than it was before we started all this.

Many guys say that they want exactly this sort of conditioning. Others want to reduce the number of, or eliminate any orgasms they can have. I don’t want that to happen to me. I didn’t have the wish that my body would become incapable of release without my lioness. I have the cage for that purpose. I like the idea that the cage has a real purpose: it makes it impossible for me to get hard or come unless my lioness permits it. I suppose it is inevitable that 24/7 wearing of a chastity device will have some effects on me physically and mentally. I can’t test my theory, my commitment and my cage prevent that. But it is interesting to realize that changes are taking place that are beyond my control. Am I becoming a tame lion?