Slow News Day

It’s been a bad day so far. Everyone at work is annoyed with each other. The weather is blah. Lion has been quiet. I’ve tried to write a post three times and just wind up babbling. So here’s a combination of all of them. You’ve been warned!

First I was thinking about Lion’s non-scheduled orgasm. I’m not sure I like the idea. I know we just started it and my first instinct about change is to complain and hate it. But I like being able to announce how many days he has to wait while I’m playing with him. To me, being able to say “You have five more days” has greater impact than “Not tonight, dear”. Five more days means not tomorrow either. Or the next day. Not tonight just means not tonight. But maybe tomorrow. Maybe. Oh well. Maybe I’ll warm up to the idea.

The next thing I was thinking about was my key pendant. It symbolizes the key to both Lion’s heart and his cage. I’ve seen women wearing lockets and even padlocks around their necks. Is there anything a guy wears as an outward symbol of his chastity or ownership? When I worked retail there was a young guy who wore a length of light chain wrapped around his wrist that was closed with a small padlock. I always wondered if it meant what I thought it meant.

And finally, I read an article about a study of 1000 people who were asked if they have ever been to a sex club, watched multiple people have sex or had sex with multiple people themselves while others watched. I don’t remember how many had been to a sex club, but fourteen percent had watched multiple people have sex and nine percent have had sex with multiple people while others watched. I met someone who wanted to take me to a sex club. We never went. The only multiple people sex I’ve seen has been porn and I don’t think that counts. And I have never had sex with multiple people, period. If I ever did have multiple partners I certainly don’t think I’d want anyone watching.

So those are my ramblings for today, all rolled up into one post. I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.