Last night was my scheduled orgasm time. It was also our first scheduled punishment session. As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, when a day has both punishment and sexual activity, she would punish early so that the fun wouldn’t be too close to my punishment. That’s exactly what she did. Right after dinner, I was face down on the bed and received four very hard paddle swats. Mrs. Lion said that the offenses I committed were minor and wouldn’t normally get punished, but we need to build good habits. The orgasm later was great. As a reward for doing all my chores, she let me choose how I would come. I selected oral sex. Mrs. Lion obliged with a great blow job. This was a very good day for a lion.

You may be wondering how we seem to have veered off the straight chastity path and moved into domestic discipline Actually, it’s a logical extension. As I see it, when I was locked up, I surrendered sexual control. The only sexual pleasure I have comes when Mrs. Lion unlocks me and gives it to me. I am totally dependent on her for arousal and occasional orgasm. The keyword in “enforced chastity” is “enforced”. Simply put, it means that regardless of my desire, I am prevented from arousal and orgasm unless Mrs. Lion wants me to enjoy that. This enforcement is not only accomplished by the Jail Bird I wear 24/7, but by her order that I refrain regardless of whether I am locked up. It’s that simple.

I like that she has control. I like it so much that I want it to extend further into my life. I also like the idea of being punished for transgressions. Now, I should point out that I have no real experience being disciplined. It’s true that Mrs. Lion has occasionally given me brief, painful spankings for breaking rules (trivial, artificial rules unfortunately). I didn’t like them a bit, but somehow feeling her control was good to me.

So, punishment that is meant to really discipline me will be new. The big difference to me between what we did before and domestic discipline is that punishments are intended to hurt me and help me learn obedience and improve my memory. I get them because Mrs. Lion feels I need them; not because I want to be punished. I have never experienced this in my life. That could be why I have wanted it. What happens when we get going and twice a week I am called to account for things that previously had been ignored? In the beginning it will be new and exciting in a painful way. That will wear off quickly.

When I asked Mrs. Lion to lock me in a chastity advice, I found the idea immensely exciting. In the beginning (we started slow), I got to come pretty much whenever I wanted. Over time, Mrs. Lion learned to enjoy my frustration and orgasms came only when she decided I should have them. There were some dark times. Often, they occurred on the sixth day of my wait. Mrs. Lion punished me when I acted out. I am slowly learning to accept my fate. She got better as my keyholder and I got better in my sexually submissive role. We discovered positive benefits for our relationship.

We only got to this point by agreeing very early on that we would not quit regardless of how either of us felt for nearly two years. The idea was to give us time to adapt and grow in enforced chastity. It went from a hot power exchange game into a permanent part of our lives. I think Mrs. Lion likes me better this way. I love the regular intimacy and, ironically, the sexual closeness we feel.

I expect domestic discipline to go the same way. In the beginning, while we are feeling our way, we will find artificial reasons to discipline me. The punishments will be relatively mild, but strong enough to really hurt. One or both of us will want to quit. I suspect that I will get frustrated and stop “wanting” punishments. I will want to go back to the old ways. Mrs. Lion might even be inclined to let me. But we can’t. We will agree to seriously pursue it until some future date, maybe December 31, 2015.

That means we will both become more aware of my behavior and Mrs. Lion will find changes she wants me to make. Punishments will become more painful or otherwise unpleasant. She will find ways to make her points strongly enough to assure I would never willfully disobey. Her power will grow and mine will diminish. By the end of the year, we will know whether a wife led marraige is how we want to continue living.

In her post, Mrs. Lion also mentioned a Wife Led Marriage (WLM). Neither of us have a clear idea what this means. Mrs. Lion thought it meant that she would make every single decision and that I would become a domestic servant. Neither of us like that. I am not that submissive and she married me because she likes the way I am. But isn’t any relationship where the wife controls her husband in any way she sees fit, a WLM? I think it is. I also think that there is no hard-and-fast definition. Maybe enforced chastity and domestic discipline are parts of our blossoming WLM. What do you think?