A Problem With Scheduled Orgasms

Months ago I asked Mrs. Lion to let me know when my next orgasm would be. I did this, partly because I like knowing when things will happen, but more because it would give Mrs. Lion a tool to use for correction or reward. If I know when I will come next, she can change that date as appropriate and it will be meaningful. If I had no idea when my next shot would be, telling me I have to wait a day or week more wouldn’t have any real impact since I didn’t know a week or day from when. Mrs. Lion hasn’t made use of date changing. She did it once, for a day’s delay and the effect was very strong. Since then, nothing. That’s not a complaint on my part. I just want to set the scene.

It turns out that my level of interest in an orgasm is not constant, nor does it escalate every day my wait goes on. Today is my eighth day. I was much hornier on my fifth. Odd. When Mrs. Lion played with me on the fifth night, it was excruciating. I wanted to come so badly I could taste it. Thursday night (my 7th day), I couldn’t really get into it when she played with me. Friday morning brings no particular interest in an orgasm.

I get teased at least every other night. Mrs. Lion is very reliable about that. She brings me to the edge of orgasm (edging) at least once. She is very, very good at that. She edged me once Thursday night. It took a long time. It’s true that I have a sore on the frenum. Apparently I get pinched there. We can’t figure out how. That bit of skin is not covered by the cage.

Anyway, it seems to me that a simple schedule that doesn’t take into account my sexual rhythm may not be optimum in terms of orgasms. On the other hand, why should my rhythm matter? Shouldn’t I have an orgasm when Mrs. Lion wants? Of course I should. Maybe scheduling is fine as is.

From my point of view, it feels a little sad to come when I am not really into it. I think, at least in my case, orgasms are not created equal. Yes, Mrs. Lion can make me come and ejaculate. Sometimes it feels amazing. Others, it just happens with little satisfaction, occasionally hurting.

It’s not Mrs. Lion’s job to assure I have the best time when I come. I know she tries her best to do that, but sometimes my body just doesn’t cooperate. What’s a lioness to do? First, it’s not her problem, nor, for that matter, mine. It is just my male biology. If she wants to assure I am in the right frame of mind to enjoy such a great gift, maybe she could consider my reactions before actually granting me the orgasm.

That’s where the schedule problem comes in. All things being equal, the date she sets isn’t cast in stone unless she decides it is. Maybe, it also depends on my “interest” in that orgasm. If, I don’t get aroused quickly or react properly to her foreplay, she might put me away for a some time to see if that doesn’t improve things.

In a way this is a chastity game. If I don’t show proper appreciation for her efforts, perhaps I end up being teased and put back horny. I’m sure I will not like this one bit if it happens, but it may teach me and my body to appreciate the rare opportunities I get to come.

As I see it, if this happens, I am back in my cage for two days (at least) and then given another chance — or not. Mrs. Lion could just make me wait till my next scheduled date. That could be a long, frustrating wait.

Why in the world would I suggest this? Most likely because I just don’t know when to shut up. But in this case, I don’t think so. I think it has more to do with how I feel after one of those less-than-spectacular orgasms. I know it will be a while before my next chance and, in a way, it feels like I wasted this one. Of course, if I am very aroused (my lioness decides if I am aroused enough), then if she chooses I get my scheduled orgasm. If not, I have to wait. I hate waiting.


  1. Author

    This is one of the several reasons that we don’t have scheduled orgasms.

    Admittedly it doesn’t work for everyone, but for us, it works best when we leave it totally up to Mrs. Edge. I don’t even ask anymore because I actually found that I don’t want to know.

    1. Author

      I agree. I asked Mrs. Lion to schedule them because I like the idea that she can change that date depending on how I am behaving. It mixes my submissive side with chastity. When Mrs. Lion didn’t schedule, I don’t think I ever went more than three days without one. I think we both need the training that the schedule provides.

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