Mr. Weenie is Wounded

Last night, as promised, I took Lion out of his cage to play with him since we have plans for tonight, his regularly scheduled play night. As I removed the cage he discovered his sore spot is back. We wondered how it happened the first time. We thought maybe it got caught in his zipper. I believe he was wild because the cage was being resized at the time. He healed nicely and we went about our business.

However, if the sore spot is back there must be another explanation. It was not there on Wednesday night when I locked him up, yet it was there on Thursday night when I unlocked him. I’ll have to check the seal to his emergency key. Clearly one of his girlfriends has been too rough with him. (I tease him about that just to get a rise out of him.) But in all seriousness, we have to figure this out. I can’t have Lion in pain. I can’t play with Mr. Weenie if he is wounded.

When I put the cage back on last night, it appears that the sore is along the back of the cage. It’s possible it gets pinched as he moves. It isn’t pinching between the ring and the cage. I asked if he thought he should go back to the larger ring, but I’m not sure that will solve the problem. I don’t remember this happening when the ring was larger. The cage itself hasn’t changed. I even asked if he thought being wild would help. He said in his current state of horniness and length of wait, it would not be a good idea to leave him wild while he was unsupervised. I’m fairly sure I could trust him. Maybe not in the shower, but in general.

I can’t exactly put a Mickey Mouse bandage on his cock. I can kiss it to help it feel better. I told him I think saliva has incredible healing powers. He wouldn’t mind that as long as I would let him come. But I can’t. Not till Saturday. One more day. Maybe then we can reassess the situation.