Yesterday Lion and I spent some time in our camper. We recently got a new mattress, hoping to do better than the pillow top memory foam thing that felt like we were sinking in quicksand. We made the bed and decided to test it out.

Lion’s first thought was about sex. I played with him for a while and asked him if this counted as his play session for the day. His face said no but he told me it could if I wanted it to. I said I thought he would have more fun later. Then we decided to see if the mattress was good for sleeping. I rolled over and to my surprise Lion snuggled in behind me with his hard on nudging me. He never does that. And we fell asleep. Apparently the bed is good for sex play and naps.

Later on Lion kept reminding me that he is wild. As if I’d forget. He’ll be wild for at least another week I think. Eventually I got the “hint” and started playing with him. After edging him a few times I stopped. I went out to the kitchen and brought in dessert and he said he was hoping I was coming back to play with him more. He said nothing had come out when I was playing with him the first time around. I hadn’t planned on playing with him again, but he was being particularly pathetic. After I brushed my teeth and was minty fresh I went back to sucking him. He can really feel the mint.

We talked about my wanting to do a ruined orgasm on purpose earlier in the day. I was still undecided. I didn’t want to go too far and give him a full orgasm because he said he thinks I should not give him as many. I knew part of him really wanted a bonus orgasm as long as it was my idea. Another part of him didn’t. So I figured I’d try for the ruined orgasm.

I don’t remember how many times I edged him. It was more than three. And I wasn’t giving him much time in between either. Each time I seemed to be getting closer and closer so I pushed him a bit farther and bingo! Ruined orgasm. Be careful what you ask for, Lion. I made him eat it too. At least he couldn’t tell me nothing came out.

I think the worst part about it for Lion is that I laughed at him. I knew it was uncomfortable and not at all what he wanted so I couldn’t help but laugh. He says it seems like I’ve turned a corner in terms of being in charge. Maybe I have. I just think it’s funny that he’s getting what he asked for and now he’s not so sure he wants it.

Poor Lion.

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    I just think it’s funny that he’s getting what he asked for and now he’s not so sure he wants it.

    The paradoxical joy of chastity!

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