Enforced Chastity: A Time Consuming Hobby?

A couple of days ago, I ran across a forum thread that I have to admit puzzled me. The poster complained that he had to give up chastity because it took up too much of his time. Quite a few others replied and agreed that enforced chastity took up so much time that they couldn’t get to things that needed to be done. Two things about that surprised me:

First, the poster said that he gave up chastity. There was no mention of a keyholder. He just “gave up”. I guess to him it was like giving up eating graham crackers. You just do it. I can’t give up chastity unilaterally. There is the cage locked on my cock. There is also Mrs. Lion who holds the key. Nothing about enforced chastity is casual to us anymore. It is part of our lives and can’t just go away because one of us is tired of it.

The second statement was more confusing to me. He claimed that chastity took up too much of his time. What was he doing? Actually, I’m pretty sure of what he was doing. He most likely, had no keyholder and put in hours and hours of porn, chastity fantasies, and attempting to masturbate through his device.

Enforced chastity doesn’t take up much of my time at all. Yes, it takes a bit longer to pee. At home I need to sit to avoid spraying unpredictably. At work it takes a bit more time at the urinal since I have to take balls and cock out to pee and then wait for the last drip. Teasing may add a bit of time to our schedules. Mrs. Lion spends 15 minutes or so on that every other day. My point is that if enforced chastity is really part of your life, it doesn’t add any time or take any attention away from other things. It’s just there.

After all these months, I am hardly aware I am locked up. By that I mean that I don’t physically feel the cage most of the time. Once in a while there is a little pinch. A quick adjustment fixes that. Mentally, I am much more aware. When I think about sex, the cage pops into the forefront of my thoughts. When I get very horny, I remember why I can’t do anything about it. I like that feeling.

Men who try to do this solo seem to get obsessed with the hardware, fantasies, and how to pretend that someone else controls their orgasms. I suspect that one of the hazards of solo chastity is all the time it takes doing those things. I am sympathetic to how they feel. I had enforced chastity fantasies for years before actually deciding to come out of the chastity closet. Now that I am out, I am a very happy, if sometimes-frustrated lion.