Dueling Calendars

As you’ve read, both Lion and I have orgasms calendars now. Glaring at us from the tv stand. Right at the foot of the bed. And mine is neon green.

Lion may look at his calendar and wish for the date to hurry and get here already. He’s horny. He needs relief. Why can’t it be O day yet? I’m more likely to let my day slip by. Since it’s the first time we’ve scheduled my orgasm I’m not sure how we’ll go about it. I mean, will I announce it’s time or will Lion just scoot over and start? We haven’t discussed it. If it’s up to me to initiate then I see no difference between having a date and not having a date. All along I could have told him to give me one. And I haven’t.

Why would a scheduled date be any different as far as Lion initiating is concerned? The only reason I can come up with is that I should be more receptive to his advances on that day. Theoretically I should not be able to tell him I have a headache or the laundry needs to be folded. I should be ready and willing. Theoretically. But how often do things go according to plan. I doubt I’ll suddenly be all tree-humping horny tomorrow. All I can do is be as open-minded as possible. I know that Lion can give me wonderful orgasms. I’m not anti-orgasm. I just don’t care if I have one or not.

In a comment the other day, a reader asked if I don’t miss having a long hard fuck. I don’t. The idea was that Lion waits so long to have an orgasm that he surely must ejaculate quickly when given the chance. Lion may think he waits a long time. He may be immensely horny, but the longest he’s really waited is about a week. Generally I give him a bonus orgasm because I want to. And when he does come, it takes the same amount of time it always took him. Overly horny or not. Besides, if I wanted a long hard fuck I can ask for one. If Lion can’t physically give it to me he could use one of our many dildos.

So here I am heading into tomorrow, a little nervous about the way things will happen. Why nervous? There’s a neon green calendar glaring at me, telling me it’s time for an orgasm.

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  1. Author

    Mrs Lion, my suggestion for an O date for you wasn’t given to make you feel pressure, but to make you feel pleasure. One of your own comments is what got me thinking. You mentioned once while you were playing with Mr. that it crossed your mind that you wanted to ride your Lion, but you ‘stuck with the plan’ of only playing with him.

    I want to encourage your spontaneous sexual thoughts during play time. If something is turning you on go with it and feed that excitement. If you have the thought to ride your Lion, ride him. If it crosses your mind that his mouth on you would feel so good right no w, tell him. He is yours, and wants to please you. Tell him when you get wet, what made you wet. Train your body as you train your Lion. When that sexual thought crosses your mind, pounce on it like a lioness on a gazelle! Don’t let it wander off.

    Did your nipples tingle when he made that noise? Have him give attention to your breasts as you elicit that noise. Did you feel an ache between your legs just seeing him like “that”? Have him fill that ache immediately. Train your body to love what you do to your Lion, he will thank you for it.

    Wishing you both a sexy holiday season!

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