orgasm calendars
Our orgasm calendars. Mrs. Lion’s (green) is on the left. Lion’s is on the right (black). Mrs. Lion sets the dates for both of them.

Thursday night Mrs. Lion gave me a surprise, bonus orgasm. It was too late, and I was too sleepy and content, to include mention in Friday’s post. It had been only four days since my last orgasm, but I was amazingly horny. She did her edging and teasing and then we snuggled. Suddenly, she asked if I would like to come. I hesitated, wondering if this was some sort of tease. But honesty ruled and I said, “Yes!” No one is going to accuse this lion of missing an opportunity.

“Are you sure?”

“Are you kidding?”


“Oh boy, I sure do!”

With that she went to work giving me amazing oral release. It was mind blowing.

While basking in the afterglow, I thought about how some men feel badly after they come. Nope, I thought to myself, that’s not me. I feel great. I slept well, only waking once to pee and then right back to sleep, and woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. No siree, no downside to a nice orgasm for me. I love surprises.

Each time Mrs. Lion treats me to such an amazing experience, I wonder why I want to be made to wait. That thought quickly passes when I realize that the only  reason I am having such an amazing orgasm is that I had to wait until I was tree-humping horny. Ironic, no? Mrs. Lion has really gotten things right!

A few days ago, Mrs. Lion wrote that she would schedule her orgasms the same way she schedules mine. She indicated her next date would be this Sunday. Oh boy! (lots of exclamation points) This is turning into a banner week and weekend in the lion den. I am so glad that Mrs. Lion is going have an orgasm. She has so many less than I. I’m hoping that will change and she will become horny again.

Even if she doesn’t, that’s fine. Most important to me is making her happy. In the beginning she felt pressure to let me make her come even if she wasn’t really interested. She felt she had to come to make me happy. There is still a big component of that in her current request. She has said that she isn’t really horny at all. She also said that she knows how much she loves making me come and she can understand that I would love to do that for her.

So in the interest of compromise and the hope that we will get her motor running again, Mrs. Lion is scheduling orgasms for herself. We both understand that if she isn’t feeling up to par or truly isn’t in the mood, she will change that date. That’s exactly the deal that I have. If I am under the weather, stressed, or otherwise not interested in sex, Mrs. Lion will hold off my orgasm until I feel better.  This is much easier on me than the deal many keyholders offer: if the male doesn’t want to come, he has to wait until the next scheduled date. I like our arrangement much better.