I Take What I Want

I know I was just supposed to edge Lion twice last night. Well, I did do that. But then he had such a wonderful erection. I love the way his skin feels. Softness on top of the hardness underneath. And after I edged him once I started licking him and he was bucking into my mouth. We stopped just in time. I knew he was horny, but when he’s really horny he has a tendency to buck into me.

As I was snuggling him afterwards I was still admiring his cock. It was very hard. Maybe not as hard as I’ve ever seen it, but still very nice. And I wanted to keep playing with it. So I got between his legs and gave him some oral attention. When I asked if he wanted to come he gave me a quizzical look. I asked again and he said of course he wanted to come. I knew it was a silly question. Did I want to make him come? I sure did. One of my favorite things is to make Lion come whether it’s a scheduled time or not. I’m not sure if it’s more of a bonus for me or for him.

I still wanted to play a bit so I made him wait a few minutes. Apparently I let the juices build up just right. I got a mouthful of wonderful come. Sometimes it’s a good thing to play with your food. I love the way he tastes. I don’t know why some women refuse to give blow jobs. Oh well. To each his own. I will continue to give my Lion oral pleasure because it make me happy too.

Lion still has five days until his scheduled orgasm. Just enough time to get him really horny again. Perfect timing!