Lion doesn’t always get edged when I let him out. Sometimes he doesn’t even get to come out. I’ve tried spanking him while caged and it tends to hurt him. He never gets the endorphins. It’s not worth it.

Since I’d given him an orgasm the other night, he wasn’t exactly desperate. But I can usually convince him to have an erection. Not that it takes much convincing. So last night I just played with him. I never really got him close. I’d decided I wasn’t going to edge him. I wanted to get his motor running even if he wasn’t going anywhere. Of course I had to give him some oral attention. I have to have some fun too. And then we snuggled.

I don’t know if he was disappointed or not. I didn’t ask. He can’t always have what he wants. He’s lucky I let him out at all. Now that his back is feeling better maybe we’ll have some more fun tomorrow before his scheduled orgasm. He might get a nice spanking. I think he’d like that after a few weeks of very little play.